One Site Over $300k in 12 months



I thought I’d write this post to show people how much power you have as an Internet Marketer.


Because you are an internet marketer, many opportunities arise that are not available to people who are not net savy.


This post is about a house that came on the market close to my home. Ive had my eye on it for a long time as its the best presented house in its street.


When it came up for sale. the price seemed about right, though I had no interest in it and I explained this to the Sales Person.  Just nice to know the value etc.

I was invited to the auction but declined. After the auction I recieved a telephone call from the agent, saying the house was passed in at an incredible $240,000 under the reserve. I told the agent I’d phone back in a couple of hours.

I knew there was an opportunity here for me. This house wasnt that great for investors wanting to rent it out, as its right at the higher end of the rental market, so it wouldnt move very fast.  I did know of a similar priced house letted out for holiday accommodation in the same area and knew from contacting the owner that they did quite ok out of it.

So i jumped on the internet and researched the holiday accommodation market, e.g how popular it was, and how competitive it is. After spending 1 hour I knew I could create a website that would indeed get found and recieve traffic.

So to me as an Internet Marketer, this was a golden opportunity, that many other investors let slide.

I phoned the agent back and placed an offer of $240k under the original asking price.

After many phone calls throughout the day and night, I had a deal at 9.50pm that night for $227 under original asking price

As soon as I purchased the house, I purchased a domain and put a blog on it with simple articles and images to get it rolling, indexed etc.

Video is definetely the best way to promote a property like this, so i go my television production friends to create a video for me. which cost $3k

This video is displayed on every page of my website. its hosted on and I used the embed code supplied to place it on my website

see it here Gold Coast Accommodation Video Note to date this video has had over 32,000 views. The link to my website is in the description. I get a lot of traffic from this site.

Paid another friend $200 to create the main website for me.  Then started my linking campaigns

Over the next 2 months I then spent another $15k getting it filled with furniture, most sourced from auction houses and other cheap places.

I found a holiday accommodation agent.  This was just over 12 months ago.

6 months after launching the site, I ran out of time developing products and outsourced more of my linking to Ashoke SEO, a good mate of mine from India. This guaranteed me even more traffic over time and was just too easy to let him do this work for me.

Between the agent and I, we’ve worked out about 80% of the bookings come from my website. She is amazed at how well its booking and is putting the price up next year.

This house has taken over $50k in bookings since it started and has great bookings in advance as you can see from the availability link on the site which is Gold Coast Accommodation Home 

The main reason for this post is to hopefully inspire other Internet Marketers to look for opportunities that arrise offline. They are Unlimited! This property that was passed by other investors grossed over $50k in sales in the last 12 months, which will increase the next 12 months, has gained in value close to another $100k over the original asking price. It was a large investment risk to undertake at the outset. but the risk paid off and then some, all because I knew I could make one website that would generate business for me. and it does it every day for free now. This site just gets better as it ages. So thats $337k in profit on the price of the house, which is now a business, plus $50k in revenue for the first 12 months.. all from the ability to read a market on the web, and create just one little website that takes absolutely no work from me. it sits there on its own directing customers to my agent.

Another example. a friend of mine was working doing a job she didnt like much, telephone selling home insulation. I asked if her boss had a website.. she didnt know.. I checked the home insulation market on the web here in AU. it was a easy one.. So I made her a site.. people like the product and complete a form. which emails her their details. she phones them and does very well, the site took me exactly 20 mins to create.


Hope this post has got your minds thinking about other offline opportunities as an internet marketer.

feel free to post any questions.




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