New Ideas and Software brainstorming

We just had a long development meeting..

We’ve designed a new software, that does nothing but supply targeted traffic to your website based on your entered keyword term.

Its also perfect for creating Strong Brands online pretty much instantly.

Its a TRAFFIC sending software, while at the same time providing awesome social signals for SEO aswell.

It will work like this..

start software

enter your keyphrase

call to action

URL to your site or page.

Sit back and watch traffic arriving to your site..

There may be some additional setup required, not sure on this part yet, whether is best if we do this at large scale or better on user end setup..

Either way its press button traffic arriving to your site.

The most exciting part of this traffic is , its 100% targeted traffic. Only people coming to your site are interested in what your keyphrase and product is..  I’d go as far as saying, more targeted than traffic you get from Google!

This idea has been gelling in my mind for the last 2 or 3 months, but I haven’t been able to pull it all together till this morning and its a beautiful thing.. between my team and I we tied it all together nicely.. Brainstorming between smart people is a delight.

As it turns out, its a very similar process we have been through in the past together.  So we have an ideal framework to work within, one that’s already proven.

I’ve always run multiple companies, Internet based and non internet based. 13 years ago I was in one of my non internet based offices and had an idea for a new software to send traffic to the sites I was promoting at the time.

I contacted Max on ICQ who was in Russia at the time (He’s been working for me here in Australia now for 12 years.) and gave him the spec.. I couldn’t believe it, but I had software to test in just 1 hour
20 mins. I remember specifically bringing the staff over, about 5 or 6 of them I think at the time, to show them the results. These were non internet people, but they saw the traffic coming in via my stats and even they were wide eyed.. I had 2000 unique hits coming in each and every hour.

Its a different internet today and I do not expect anywhere near that amount of traffic per hour with our new software, but previously it was relatively un-targeted traffic, this new software will be as targeted as you can get. But the principle is the same, have an idea for traffic generation spec it out, get it made… Start it and start to receive traffic immediately.  That was a relatively simple software, our new one is a lot more comprehensive.

Between 2010 and 2011 I spent a lot of my energy creating a new contemporary  visual media company, investing more of my time and funds and resources into it. Unfortunately after the GFC, funds dried up to promote a new startup without proven monetization models in place.

Fast forward to early 2012 and I’m back 100% focused on my main flagship Internet based Software company and new software has been coming out of this office like never before. Keeping up with the ever changing Internet Environment. As I’m sure your aware, we’ve been pumping out lots of new software and new updates over the last 6 months. Its nice to be back 100% focused on coming up with new ideas for software.  Its nice to have these creative juices focused again and creating new things that no one else is doing. When I’m in this flow, it feels like all the stars are aligned or something.

I struggle like everyone else does on an Internet with just So much data to consume, its an ongoing process of learning how to stay focused on what you do best, when there’s just so many different things happening all at once and so many opportunities. So its nice to be 100% focused again. I think it comes in waves, new things happening, loosing a bit of focus, then regaining it again. An ongoing learning process for sure. How could it not be the overwhelming amount of data and new data arriving to us who work online.

In closing, to my EVO PRO members, Yes! You guys get this for free as part of your ongoing EVO PRO membership.

For people who are not EVO PRO members but who’d like to get access to this new press button traffic software, I have no idea how I’ll market it at this point, but marketing is easy for products that just work, especially when they just send traffic after a couple of clicks.. One thing I can promise, is my JV buddies will be required to supply high quality bonus products if they want to get on board to promote it.  So it will be a win win for everyone involved etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Look forward to your comments below.

Peter Drew

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