Need Help with Internet Marketing

One night over dinner with friends, my Mother asked us,
 "So how did you make money on the internet", we all looked at each
 other with a smirk on our faces, its like asking, how long is a piece
 of string πŸ™‚
 Patric spoke up (as he often does) Here’s an quick example, I found a
 niche that was popular on the internet related to a certain breed of
 dog. I didn’t know anything about dogs, so I out sourced the creation
 of a dog ebook. I created a great sales page for it, purchased a
 domain, and started promoting it, on the internet and using Google
 Adwords. "So how much did that cost you all up?" I asked. The domain
 was $9, the ebook was $250, that’s about it. My mum asked "how much
 did you earn from this site"? Patric replied, that was 18 months ago,
 I think I’ve made about $5,000 from it so far and just over $200,000
 USD with several of my other online businesses. We sat back laughing
 at how easy it was for him to make a nice $200k with smiles on our faces.
 I said to Mum, of course Pat has many sites like this. That’s why
 I’ve flown him and Emily (his wife) over to help me work on one of my
 websites, because when it comes to selling on the internet, he’s one
 of the best. I know this for a fact, since Stephen Pierce when Patric
 introduced me to him at one of the World Summit Conferences and
 alluded to as much.
 I’ve been to Malaysia a couple of times to visit Patric and Emily for
 work and pleasure, its a lovely country, and have met many of Pats
 past coaching clients, and am very happy to report that they have
 come a long way, especially for beginners, I tend to ramble on about
 what I do and how, though many peoples eyes glaze over not really
 understanding my internet lingo, all of his clients understood me
 perfectly, which was a surprise and one even offered great advice
 that I’ve never thought of previously. Well done Pat !!
 When ever people I meet ask me how to get into making money on the
 internet, I always send them to Patrics Coaching courses, because I
 know Patric is a man of integrity and thus keep my integrity in tact
 when I refer my friends to him.
 Patric is starting a new Coaching Club on the 18th Of July 2007. This
 is limited to only 50 Clients so he doesn’t stretch himself to far,
 he’s found this is the perfect number. Check it out here


To help you on your Internet Marketing Career, If you join Pats Coaching course via this link. I’ll throw in my great Niche "finding" product Valued at $147.After you register and pay for his course, send your Paypal transaction id to me via and I’ll send you the links to the download and supporting PDFs


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