How to convert from $100 into $1000 per month

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Hey Guys,

I just got back from a 4 day intensive last week.

I was given a personal invite to attend the Street Smart
Marketing by my friend Ian Marsh. I know now why I got
it on the house πŸ˜‰ its that badass, he knew I’d tell
people about it.

The main thing I learned during that intensive was
how to take a 100 per month product and turn it
into a 1000 per month product.

Its all about Qualifying your leads first.

How do you do that? Well one of the main factors
is having a conversation and learning about
your prospectives…..

How do you do that? well with great questionaires
that’s how!

You ask the right questions and you have them
qualified throughout the questionnaire process.

So by the time they come to you, you know if
they are the perfect client for you or not,
before you actually talk to them..

So I came back from that week all excited, had
a meeting with my team, laying out the plan
to build out this new amazing converting

So we had to build out this questionnaire script
ourselves, to make it do exactly what I require
it to do. Bit of effort for sure, but more than
worth it, even after just one sale.

Then, right out of the blue, my buddy Craig
Crawford pings me on skype and says this!






So I click on this link and low and behold, it’s an
incredible funnel maker with the most sophisticated
questionnaire facility I’ve ever seen.. Doh!
Thanks Craig!!

Saved us a bucket load of time and we’ll get more
features than the one we planned ourselves. That’s
the difference between them spending 12 months
developing it and our short meeting yesterday.

So I’m over the moon about this product.. I’m
installing it today on a brand new website.

The beauty of using this system, we send traffic
to the site, people who use my tools have no
issues generating traffic, the new site
qualfies these leads for me and puts them
into groups for me, one group I know will
be more than happy to pay the 1k per month
before I even contact them, how cool is that?
the others will be provided more appropriate
solutions suiting their needs.

Everyones happy, there’s no friction whatsoever,
makes for a very happy working life I can tell
you, not to mention the dramatically increased
revenue I’ll be achieving using this method.

Honestly guys go to this link.

Not sure if the video demo is on there, but
that’s what really got me excited, it might
be there now, or tomorrow, but check out
the features compared to the other funnel
products on the market, which you’ll
see in action on the video demo.

Ok, one more thing LOL, using this method
you don’t even require as many leads as before?
Why? because you get a TON more Value out
of each lead, serving them and yourself better
throughout the process.

Meaning you can direct your prospectives
to what they want faster, meaning your
conversions have to be better amirite?

Best news is, I got a Coupon Code from
Craig for all my people too πŸ™‚
Enter it here
(only available next 24 hours)
Trust me on this, at this price its really
I no brainer, there’s a funnen of course
and grab all of it as I have.
(Full disclosure) it was given to me for
free but I was going to get the entire
kit, why because its next to nothing
compared to the value it offers and a LOT
LOT LOT cheaper than building something
inferior myself for my site. I didn’t
ask for it, it was sent to me over skype
which I happily accepted, because I could
install it faster than waiting for it to
go live.



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