Going from 5k Per month to $500k Per month

The Question was asked


The Difference between making $5k and $500k Per month.


This is my Answer.

One important point.

Every $500k guy/gal was once a $5k per month person.

It has to be said, that right place + right time + luck, got a percentage
of the $500k+ guys to where they now.
But of those, only the Savvy ones have the ability to continue
onwards and upwards.

Apart from time/place/luck

To me. If I was at $5k per month.

I’d sit down with a goal of $10k per month, an increase of 100%

Get it down on paper, the steps needed to increase to $10k per month.

Though this is very difficult to do on your own.

You’ll find most successful people have mentors,
and in turn mentor others as well.
e.g You hang with dogs, you catch fleas.
I have one primary mentor, though he doesn’t know it .
I mentor many people.

Developing relationships with others of similar goals
is incredibly important. Online.
Instant messengers are just brilliant for this, as well as
picking up the phone can speaking directly, or skyping.

When you have others you can communicate with,
you can all brainstorm different Idea’s to get you all
to the next level to achieve your goals.

I know when I brainstorm verbally with others,
ideas come from everywhere. I cannot do this by myself.
(though I’ll brainstorm with others after brainstorming
and getting it out on paper by myself first.
(paper, documents whatever)

Goal setting is not as easy as it seems, its incredibly important
to set realistic goals and time frames. Though once set
you need to work towards them diligently. And incredibly
important not to set your goals to high, which is a strategy
for failure. .e.g. if you set to go from $5k to 500k per month
You’ll only end up disappointed and have a huge loss of confidence.

The beauty of achieving your goal of $10k per month is
that as much as your bank balance has increased.
So has your confidence in yourself. And the knowledge
"If I can set a strategy to increase my turn over by 100%."
I can do it again. It cannot be stated enough how
powerful this feeling is. Once you get this understanding
Really.. The sky is the limit. Once you have confidence
in yourself.. You can take the leaps needed to be successful.

I’d put to you, that every successful person in this thread
is a risk taker (most likely Big Risk Taker).
Its very hard to take risks if you do not
have confidence in yourself to achieve what you want
and the ability to pick yourself of the floor, when you do
fail, as you surely will at some stage.

Once you have achieved the $10k per month
Rinse and Repeat. Increase your goal by %100
to $20k per month. etc etc.

I know its clique, though the journey is 1/2 the fun,
especially when you are working through a plan
that you know can work and you can feel it in your
gut. This brings a big smile to your face and drives
you forward to meet your goals.

Its not just about the monthly revenue or income,
it’s your bodies ability to be able to handle it.
Life is different in many ways when you earn
a substantial income, to go from zero to rich
over night is very rarely sustained, how many
people win Lotto and have lost it all in a year
or 2? I don’t know about the USA. but here in OZ
its a huge percentage.

Building up your business over time gets
body used to success and it believes
it deserves it and more importantly Values
it accordingly.

When you build a biz from nothing to a lot
over time. You put a lot of value on IT
and Your Time. You cannot learn this by
reading about it. That’s why when risk
takers take a big fall. They get straight
back up again and become even more successful
than previously. Because they’ve earnt it.

There’s no quick fix, though there is a very
pleasant/frustrating/funny/painful though overall
extremely rewarding journey ahead for those
taking this path.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this recently, as
I’m getting a lot of customers ask me, what’s
the best way to make a lot of money online FAST.
There is no simple answer to this question,
so I thought I’d post my thoughts here.



  1. Yes, you can never go wrong in anything you do as long as you put your heart into it. Just like in any business, you really have to give time and attention to your business to become successful. πŸ™‚

  2. A lot can be said for having at least one mentor. There really is a lot of merit too in the old saying that we produce as much as the five people closest to us as far as dollars are concerned. Certainly pays to play up a level or two.

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