Biggest Fire Sale Vince Tan here

Must say, I’m very happy to be part of the
Biggest SOFTWARE Fire Sale in the history of IM.

Get a cuppa and have a read, you’ll love the offers
towards the end πŸ™‚

4 months in the making, I know this because we have
been discussing this the whole time. helping each other
with each of our massive launches. Both are 7 figure
Launches, Though Vince’s will reach this amount a LOT
sooner than mine will LOL πŸ™‚

So how will he achieve this? Its simple. The good
Ol Fashion Value for money trick. The terms these
days are over deliver and such, but at the end
of the day, its just Great Value for Money, nothing
more nothing less. As I see it, its

97 Products for $97 Bucks, doesn’t get much better
than this. Heres the Catch, Vince only let in products
worth $97 each to start with, so do the math
that’s 97 X 97 minium. = $9409.00 Though there
are a Lot of products worth a LOT more than just
97.00 e.g. the first product listed on the
sales page is $497.00

Personally, I really like Vince, he’s an old
hand at IM, there’s no doubt about it, but what
I really like is that he’s a friendly and VERY
helpful dude. out of nowhere I get IM’s from
him with suggestions about my biz. Some I’d
never have thought of in a million years.
Thanks mate!!

With this Launch, he’s truly provided a
WIN WIN WIN situation.

Win for product developers.
Exposure and list building,
better product = better results,
which is why the quality of the offers is incredible.

Win for Customers.
You get the benefit of the developers
releasing product to out do each
other and get bragging rights.

Win for Vince.
A nice return for all the hard work
he has put into the design and
theory behind this massive pull
together not seen before.

Some examples Of the software released.

Split Test Guru – Willie Crawford
Niche Video Creator – JP Schoeffel
IMTriggers & IMUrgency – Jordan Hall
Membership Site System – Ian del Carmen

See the photos of the other contributors there,
biggest FireSale
lots of my mates photos here
Its a very nice circle of people
to be involved with! See if mine stands out LOL πŸ™‚
In fact I think all my guru buddies are there!!

I only ever mail people something that will
help them with their online business. You’d
be amazed at how many offers I get to promote
products, though rarely if ever do.

Though I do the the quality of this amazing
amount of information and tools So I had to
let people know about it.

I’m that certain that you will benefit from it
To help convince you of such, for the first 20
people that order :

Biggest Firesale

The first
20 people who order below get a
Biggest FireSale
massive 30 min consult with me Peter Drew Personally
via phone or skype Value = $297.00

The next
50 people
get to try out the Brand New Version II
Brute Force SEO Software and
membership for just 1 measly buck for
30 full days. (offer to non BF members only)

Vince will mail me this list of the first 20,
and next 50
Then I’ll contact you via email πŸ™‚

That’s 10 hours of my time, I’m time poor. So
If I’ve invested this much of my time, Its
evidence of the value I see in these products.

I’m buying it! Can you guess which product Im
buying it for? πŸ™‚ Check out the sales page here
and have a look.
Biggest Fire Sale

Don’t want a 30 min consult with me? how about
I give you the option of 30 days for 1 buck.
That’s $127 Value right there.
Brute Force SEO? Your choice, order Vince’s
amazing offer and the first 70 people will
get an email from me, with the choice of a
30 min consult or 30 days Brute force SEO for
just 1 measly buck?
Considering we are releasing Version II of
Brute Force SEO this week, after listening
to my membership and implementing the most
sought after changes. You’ll be incredibly
happy with the results in Google I can promise.

Hope to be emailing you soon with your choice
of offers


Peter Drew

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P.S. Vince’s Biggest Fire Sale
is time limited so do not dilly
dally πŸ™‚


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