Adsense Referals How To Video Demo

Google Adsense releases "Referrals 2" or Adsense CPA.

See Instructional Video here

Full size video here

Get additional information on how to make huge profits from the Adsense CPA model

and apply to beta test my new program that will turn your old low income producing websites

into adsense sites that just keep giving and giving and giving.








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Peter Drew


  1. Hi Peter

    I just signed up as a beta tester


  2. WOW!
    I am looking forward to this…
    Application is in.

  3. portalmaker says


    Applied for beta testing. Form is complete.


  4. Hey Ho, looks like I jumped in too quickly!!

    I just checked and Google isn’t even offering me referral 2. Looks like those of us in the backwoods (generall known as the UK) will have to wait a bit longer.


  5. Hello Peter,

    I’d like to become a beta-tester as my Adsense earnings have declined like everyone else’s. I do hope you will allow me to take part and test this new program regarding this new Adsense CPA program.


  6. Thanks for the video!

    I got also the Adsense Referral 2 invitation
    but just had a short look at it. Now I know
    what to do with it!

    Pretty cool stuff!

    Greetz Marcus

  7. I just wanted to make sure that I let you know I turned in my application for your program.

    Now I am just waiting on hearing back from you that I am hopefully accepted. I understand that there is also an NDA involved so anxiously awaiting to receive that so I can sign it and get it back to you.


  8. Your Adsense Referrals video is a winner, Pete.

    Thanks to your presentation, the more I look at Adsense CPA, the more I realize it’s the number one IM development in 2007.

    It doesn’t just restore Adsense to pre-Web 2.0 click levels, this targeting of CPA automates a comprehensive monetization tool that reaches way beyond anything Adsense has ever previously provided.

    I’m a starter to test your CPA program 24/7, now in beta or from the first day you release it.

    Best from KiwiCountry


  9. Hi Peter

    I think I have a good idea that will enhance Adsense CPA results.


  10. Great info, Peter – looking forward to see more.

    Margaret MacGillivray

  11. Hi Peter,

    Just sign up. I am a newbie. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    KP Wong

  12. wired_oasis says

    Hi Peter,

    Hope I am not too late. Just discovered you today while going through the PPC Formula Forum where you’re video was mentioned. How did I miss this? I have watching my adsense dwindle for months now.

    So, I just siqned up and hope to learn and earn.

    All the best,
    Phil Arroyo

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