2nd Layer of HOM Video Syndication for Free!

So what if I said to you.

For each and every Individual video
created by Hangout Millionaire,

This happens.

Hangout Video or High Quality YouTube Live video
gets broadcast to the YouTube channel you’ll
get supplied with, then:

“On Top” of being distributed to
* Pinterest.com
* LinkedIn.com
* Tumblr.com
* Twitter.com
* Blogger.com
* Facebook Page (any page you own or allows videos to be posted)
* LiveJournal.com
* StumbleUpon.com

Which is awesome, in and of itself,

Additionally, its posted to “Your”

TubeTornados Account which then:

* Creates a brand new Blog post containing another
Embed of your Video.

* Optimised Blog Title and Description and Tags.

* This blog post is then Syndicated to
Another 10 incredibly powerful and trusted
Web 2.0 Social site.

What this does is give the website you are promoting
and the videos you are uploading incredibly powerful
Tiered links.

All on Complete Auto Pilot, you don’t need to do

The TubeTornadoes Package comes all completely
filled out, all the accounts created and hooked
up to the YouTube account we supply you.

You just use our amazing Automated Video Marketing
Software to produce the videos, and the System
we’ve created specifically for you and hooked
up for you does the rest, and your sites and
videos enjoy the incredible amount of extra
powerful links, helping you rank faster and harder
for all the terms you are targeting.

You are in complete control of the entire process,
we supply you all the accounts usernames and passwords.

Its like your getting the acutal Hangout Millionaire
Automated Video Marketing software for Free, other
syndication systems out there provide less
syndication than we provide now as a bonus
and cost more than HOM πŸ™‚

So, imagine setting up a project in HOM, where
you create just 5 videos, takes say 10 mins
to setup a new project, using all Google Accounts
we supply, all the Social accounts we supply.

The software creates and posts your Hangout
Or YouTube live video content to the Sticky
Optimised YouTube account and associated
Google accounts we supply, plus the incredibly
powerful Social sites connected Inside HOM.

It creates these videos for you while you
don’t even have to be at the computer.
Once these videos are created, they are then
picked up by your TubeTornadoes Account
and then a new blog post is created for
each of these videos and each of these
blog posts are additionally syndicated to
another bunch of powerful authority
Social sites.

Honestly, does automation get any better
than this?

The site you are Promoting gets a Vast
Array of powerful tiered links while
at the same time staying under the Radar.

So this 10 min investment of your time
creates 5 Videos that will rank through
the roof and provide incredibly powerful
links to the website you are promoting.

Which are revealed by using the simple
operator in Google
You do a before and after test
and you’ll be shocked at the difference,
especially on a brand new domain.
I use these stats to blow the socks of
my SEO clients, they see the results
and litterally think I’m some kind of
SEO Wizard is guess, and you know what?
They’d be right! πŸ™‚

You too can be that SEO Wizard, blowing
the socks of your SEO clients.

In the HOM membership we provide everything
You need to start your own SEO Agency and
the results provide the credibility hands down.

As noted previously, this special offer will
be going shortly.

Don’t miss this massive opportunity, we’ve
worked incredibly hard over the last
3 months, pulling this all together for my
loyal followers.

Jump right on this now

Before this opportunity expires.

To your Online Success

Peter Drew






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