Peter Drew, Over Delivering and No Product? Totally Free

To my many WSO
Followers, sorry I’ve been so quiet recently,
we’ve been Heads Down, BadASS’s Up! (Pardon the Pun LOL) Working on
Brute Force
SEO Software

Hmmm…. Over deliver? "On What?" I hear
you say…

To support the Warriors that have supported me so
much over the last 12

months, turning my
WSO‘s into the Most
Successful WSO‘s on
the Warrior

Forum of all time. See Here for Proof, click to
see full size image.

And in Preparation for the Massive Launch of

Brute Force
SEO Software

I’ve decided to Over Deliver
I even release this Amazing Product.
1. See the Video on
(Turn Speakers Up)

2. Then click on the link to the List of

I would of Put the List of Features in this

but there’s Just TOO
MANY Features to Fit in Here

Don’t believe me? Check them out yourself


(A) You will learn about RSS and how Simple it
is to use it to promote YOUR money sites/blogs
in the search engines, enabling auto updated
backlinks easily.

(B) Here you will learn how to Make Adsense money

While promoting your Own Websites Via RSS feeds!

(C) You will have learn how to Mash your

Feeds together to get 2 way and 3 Way backlinks.

(D) You will be able to make money via ClickBank
Products by entering a simple keyword list.

About RSS Aggregators Websites.
These are websites that host and Display
the Contents of YOUR RSS Feeds. INCLUDING
The Content with in them. That means in simple
Terms Links back to your site. AND / OR
If you have Affiliate links in any of your blog
Posts, Guess What? These are hosted on the

RSS Aggregators as well..

Do you see how cool this is? Other Sites

Your products and or Affiliate Products.

It gets BETTER. These sites have been around for
a long

time and have gained Authority in the Search

So most times, These sites will out rank Your Own

Aggregator Marketing is taking off big
time, Though not

many people are talking about it. Some are Making

Profits from it. Aggregator, PiggyBack or
Parasitic Marketing,

Whatever you want to Call it.
It’s Here,
It’s Easy,
and It Works
and its Happening Now!!
Are you profiting from it?

In my efforts to Over
Deliver to the Max!

I’ll provide you :-

  • 2 Sites I created exactly for this Purpose
  • List of Supporting Sites.
  • The Strategies.
  • The Tools.
  • The Know How.
  • At No Cost.

Part 1 of this

Please See

Go to

Register for Free.
Upon Registering, You will see the site
asks for your
Adsense Pub ID and Channel.
I created this site to Rotate YOUR Adsense

50/50 on the Rss Feeds YOU Supply.
Unfortunately I couldn’t justify I totally 100%
Adsense offer,

since this site requires its own server to cope
with the resources

and traffic that will come to it. So it needs to
fund itself.

Speaking Of Traffic. How do I know this site will
get so

much traffic?
When I added ( A Great Rss Aggregator

To my
RSS Aggregator Submission Software.

Look What happened to this website in Alexa.
When I added this site to my software, it was
ranking between

the 60 and 70k mark. See it Now. Ranking at

See the Red X, when I added this site above to my
Software. Do not get it for full price there,
See my sig for the WSO

(Btw, you can see the date I released the Badass
RSS Wso, in the
WarriorPro Image above.)

Obviously I’ve added this site to my own RSS
Software Submission

tool and
Brute Force
SEO Traffic Software
and I fully expect my site to get similar
rankings over time.

Though Most likely Improved
Alexa Rankings….. Why?

Because My Site has Additional Features NOT Found

Part 2 of this


You Also have the Ability to Merge, or
your RSS Feeds.

I can see peoples eyes glazing over already..
What the Heck is that?

Don’t worry, After watching the Videos below it
will all make Sense

showing you how you generate auto populating 2
and 3 Way Backlinks

to your Money Sites!

See the Video Tutorial about RSS and how to get
1 2 and 3 way backlinks to your Money Sites
Easily and FREE.

See the
Full Size High Quality BadRSS Video Tutorial Here

(note if you take the $1 trial of Brute
Force SEO for
7 days

you get access to the RSS Module, which
posts your feeds,

to create tons of backlinks to the top
20 RSS Aggregators automatically.)

Part 3 of this

Clickbank Products.
See above where I discussed Aggregator Marketing,

Imagine If you could use that, in conjunction
with the amazing

database of ClickBank Products Online?
Imagine If you could find some Clickbank Product
Related Keywords

(Limited to 100) Add them to a site along with
your ClickBank ID

and Jump on the Aggregator Marketing Train in
just minutes?

Plus make some Adsense income on those pages as

Please go to and register again for FREE at

On this site you can register.
and create feeds like this one


How many Clickbank
Product links are in that feed?
a LOT, and they ALL

Have "My" CB
Id In there.

Time to create that Feed. 10 mins, tops!
these Feeds get listed on Other RSS Aggregators
Like this

how-to-meditate – RSS Feed URL

how to meditate | Feed | how-to-meditate

how-to-meditate – Visit how-to-meditate – Read it at

What this means is. These sites above are hosting

of the Feeds from my site Listed Above. The
content of these

Feeds, contain the Clickbank links relating to
the same Title of this

Rss FEED. These above sites Rank Very well for
long tailed phrases

If you have great long tailed Niches that have
related Clickbank

Products. Your going to Make money, its that

This is a list of just 4 Sites.

See My Social Sites List Here
to see the Best RSS Aggregators to

My BadassRSS members have these already and use

my software to submit to them already

See my sig to take a trial for just 1 buck)

To Promote your feeds for 3 day trial, you can
submit a LOT of feeds in the

3 day trial

The RSS Module is just one of Many in my Brute
Force SEO
software, obviously!

Heres the Best thing.
YOU get to choose the

Title of your RSS Feed that you use for
Aggregator Marketing.

Why is that Important?
Firstly The RSS Aggregators use the Title of the

as the title of the webpage they create for your

AND in most cases the html web page name is the
same of the title of your feed.

So When you have the ability to Choose the Title
of the ClickBank Feeds you

are Creating. PLUS these feeds are hosted on
Authority Websites with

existing power in Google. all you need to do is
provide some Great

Long Tail Keyword Phrases. and Guess what?
The combination of your Long Tail Clickbank
Product Related Phrases

PLUS hosting on Authority Sites. = Traffic,
Presence on Google and Income.

Did I mention, These Aggregators Index Extremely

So in just 1 hour from Reading this

You could be making Income without a website. πŸ™‚

There is enough information supplied here that
you can

get started Right Now!! I am doing my Best to
Over Deliver here

Heres my List of Free Keyword Search Tools, to look for your Long

See the Clickbank RSS Feed Video Tutorial Here


See the higher quality ClickBank RSS Feed Video Tutorial Here

There you Go Hope you Have Enjoyed my

Over Delivering

Feel free to ask any questions, I know some

are still scared about RSS, hopefully this will

those fears!

To Your Online Success,

The Baddest
Traffic Generation Software on the Net!

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