1. oh btw, this is the Facebook to Twitter posting application we created here.
    totally free and very cool to use.

  2. This is how to do it Pete. Find a real problem to solve where you are vested and go in and create product in under 24 hours. Brilliant. Thanks for the share. And I’m checking out the app now too.

  3. Now the only question is who will take you down first for trademark infringement, facebook or twitter. My money is on facebook.

  4. i did not see your long URL come up int the SERPS. you sure it is still there OR were you suggesting that some of the backlinks sites were picked up in Google.

  5. I cannot see it on the first page. It is on the second…

  6. Hi Peter.

    I did a search and can see it in the SERPS @Position 25 on Page 2 of about 3,140,000,000 results (0.15 seconds) Google UK.

    However, as you confidently stated, it will be on page one again -soon. Google especially has sophisticated algorithm that makes links, search location, relevant content and user’s behaviour influence your position in time & place.

    I’ve tried EVOII before and will see how EVO Pro work with new Google Agorith change on this test project –that actually offers a genuine solution.


    • Hi, I am very confident, that website will be listed back on the first page shortly, no doubt about it. Its already gaining traffic from search engines and getting visits from all the other search engine spiders as well. Right now we are in pre launch mode for the release of EVO PRO, so my attention is not focused on this website right now, though you will see it get back on first page, most likely top 5 position.

  7. Gotta love EVO

  8. I like the spam protection feature. Haven’t seen one that before.
    Very cool.
    I like what you’re doing with facebokl too.
    Good article.

  9. Thanks for sharing this info.

    Is great to interact peoples using facebook with some cool stuffs.

  10. On the last line of this post about how to find your Twitter feed, I share with you a link on how to find your Facebook feed. The only thing is, I don’t like sharing my Facebook feed id with the world:

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