Ranked 5 out of 10 mil U can too :)

No 5 out of 10,000,000

see my FaceBook page listed here


search term = seo tips

see my FaceBook page


click on the discussion links to see how to leverage the power of the FaceBook
domain in Google

29th April I created this page on FaceBook.

it entered the serps @ No 197 out of 10,000,000 competing pages.. not bad for
any site.. Which proved to me, the power of the FaceBook domain.

I left it for a week to see where it would end up.. it settled around the 200

1 run of www.BruteForceSEO.com 
with articles found by the software. around 1 week later it hit around No 97 ,
so first 100

I continued to add more content or discussions to this page. I promoted this
page via my DM’s in twitter. now close to 500 Fans.

and sat back to watch it in the serps.. it was bouncing between 50 and 100 for a

I then created a unique article and ran it through BF once again. using new

1 week later I made the bottom of the second page. which was looking
encouraging.. and knew I was onto to something. I previously stated, I knew it
would work.. but was nice to see it live in action, real evidence in Google

a week or so later, which is now, for the last 2 days I’m bouncing between 4 and
6 on the front page of Google for my chosen term

seo tips

End result will be "more" FaceBook fans purely from organic search.

I’ll gain more fans by the credibility established with the 500 odd fans that
already exist there.

So I’ve created a viral machine here.. originally leveraging my twitter account
via auto dm’s via my
Automated Twitter Software.
leveraging the power of the FaceBook domain in Google to ride on the back of its
power in Google.

Using the power of
SEO linking strategies,

that end up with a self sustaining enabled traffic and viral machine, gaining
fans, thus extensive exposure over the FaceBook network.

Noting. that I can send messages to all my fans, these messages appear on the
walls of each of my fans. Thus creating an enormous reach for any messages and
links I distribute. (I only do this when I have a new info update on this page
sometimes containing links to my products, to ensure credibility and longevity
of my fans)

This post in itself will be put on my FaceBook page and a link sent to my fans
about it.

In closing.

I’ve revealed a strategy to enable to you to be able to compete in the 5 to 10
million competing range in Google at the same time building a following,
relative to your niche. At the same time giving you a big authority in your

Use it wisely.

In just under 6 weeks I’ve created an auto pilot viral traffic machine. My only
input is adding excellent content on my Facebook Page.

At this stage I have 500 fans.

Compare this to a list of 500 confirmed on Aweber for example

I send an email to my 500 , say it gets to 300 for example.

I send the same message to my 500 fans, this appears on their walls. even if
they each have only 10 friends, my message now has a reach of 5000 +

That is social leveraging.

Over time I will use BF to promote the FaceBook page for other terms in the
anchor text of the links pointing to it, to get it ranking for other seo related
terms, thus getting more rankings, more fans, more social reach.

The complete instructions on how I created this are on the FaceBook page listed
under the discussion tab.


Find your Niche and follow this simple strategy and start enjoying the same
benefits Im getting from twitter, Google and FaceBook.

You guys have all the tools right here that I used to achieve this.

Noting, that sharing the info on my FaceBook page via twitter established my
twitter account as an authority in this field so its a win win on all social
sites involved. which is now translating into the Google search engine.



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