Amazingly Pretty SEO and PageRank results


SEO has never been so pretty before.

See this image here as an example.

Showing TLD’s and PageRank of each link we create.


Click on it to see the full size graphs

and amazing amount of links created,

not to mention the PR of all those incredible


Lots of our EvO PRO members have many

SEO clients. We are now producing the

results of our work that will just blow

away their clients.

Revealing the Volume of links and PageRank

and the many different Top Level Domains

we spread our content and links across, all

saved conveniently in a PDF to your hard


EVO now allows you to open the statistics

of previous runs.

Our software is so easy to use and has come

so far in just the last couple of months

everyone is just blown away at its performance.

If you haven’t got it promoting your sites

in the search engines already, you can test

it for one buck

I’ll even throw in the complimentary

static accounts so you can be up and running

in literally just minutes.

Basic requirements to promote your site is

* Keyword Phrase you would like to rank for.

* Your Sites domain name.

Plus you can add three others if you choose

from your site or another. Its totally up

to you. Its that simple.

The more you run the software, obviously

the better results you will get, especially

in those tougher niches, persistence in SEO

is what’s required to dominate your markets,

not just for one keyword phrase but for many.

Its that easy, my local electrician uses it and ranks

for terms that are not even listed on his website.

Its easy using


Peter Drew.


What we have achieved over the past couple

of months is Nothing compared to what we

have coming out in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

EvO Pro will be equal to all our competitors

“Combined”, in terms of ease of use, quality

and volume of links supplied..
PPS. If you have websites that can use more

organic search engine traffic, I really hope you get

onboard and enjoy the rankings all our EVO members achieve all the time.





  1. SEO can be effective but I believe it is a bit too slow for my tastes.

    Could always consider targeted ezine ads.

  2. I’m been studying the craft of backlinking and i’ve found alot of information on the power of links and how they are absolututely necessary for massive traffic. More importantly one should consider the authority and quality of that link. ie: dofollow,page rank and pinging opportunities. I’m glad to find this type of information from peter drew on this powerful automated software and look foward to using it to accomplish all of my linking for traffic needs.

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