About to Start Beta testing and Making software smart

Hey Guys

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years..

This year is very much looking on the up and up, I can assure you..

Our new software is coming along so nicely

By the end of this week we will be in Beta Mode. All our mods will be testing the software. Yay!!


We are adding some human intelligence into this software

Not having created a software that works with over 200,000 sites in the past , pretty sure no one on the planet has either. We had to get our latteral thinking caps on. Can’t give away too much, I have to protect our IP etc.

No matter how smart our software is, it cannot solve every difference between 200,000 sites, so we’ve figured out a way to have humans solve some of these issues for us, (noting this is non member or customer related, members do not do anything, I have people in place behind the scenes to do this) Meaning, our system is VERY smart and will produce excellent quality results.

While our software is working, it is also teaching itself. Effectively what this means is, the software gets smarter and faster the longer we use it..

What is excellent about this, once we’ve had it running for a couple of months, its very much easier to introduce even more URL’s into the database and grow it and these new URL’s will be recognised and work easier, additionally, right now we are limited to a certain specific type of site brand and version types, but as the software runs more we can add more as it gains in experience.

The human interaction happens when you use the software and your software rejects a site.. The software then does some stuff with it.. This site is moved to somewhere and then I get some humans involved behind the scenes, then this site that was once rejected will not be rejected next time a members software pulls it from the database to use.

Why did I put so much attention into these more difficult sites when we already have an over abundance of sites to use? Well no one else has ever used these sites, to they are fresh to us. and the Variety of locations is outstanding, a lot of the issues are language based, solving these issues provides us with truly global location links, which is exactly what we need.

What was originally a simple idea for software for a simple software has turned into more lines of code than EVO itself.. Though thats exactly what it takes if you want to make the absolute best SEO software ever written that will rank our sites in conjunction with EVO better and higher than any other software on that planet.. This is what it takes to achieve that, so our time window was expanded, we only had a tiny break over the holiday period, very little in fact to get this out as fast as we could.

This is what it looks like now

seo software by Peter Drew


Does it get any simpler than that?

notice here we are using the PR 1 to 3’s

we use these in testing in case we break one or two we are not breaking the more important ones etc. with PR

So Mods get your beta juices happening, we are starting shortly… and we’ll take it from there



  1. I would like to get in to beta test the software Peter 🙂

  2. EVO will be kickin A^& and takin names later!

  3. Can’t wait to get started with the new software. Hope I get a copy of it early on. Nice to see you pushing the limits.

  4. I would like to get in to beta test the software

  5. Hey Ray,
    stage 1 is mods testing.. stage 2 beta is release to members

  6. LOLs Nicely put Kind Sir

  7. Doing our utter best to get this out to everyone asap, it has taken longer than anticipated, but I’m 100% on quality which is why its taking a bit longer, but its going to be more than worth the wait 🙂

  8. As long as your a http://www.BruteForceSEO.com member, you’ll be in stage 2 , no worries 🙂

  9. John & Sara Roney says

    We’re current EVO users and would be more than happy to help put the new version through its paces… thanks for good hard work and for producing great software for us to use–we run EVOII almost every day we can and are grateful for the help it has given our sites and our SEO business.

  10. Really looking forward to your new software Peter.

    I’d also love to be a beta tester, but will spend Jan 14th – 22nd on
    a cruise, so I probably wouldn’t be that helpful.

    I DO look forward to telling others about the software though.

  11. Hey John and Sara,
    Thanks for those kind words, you guys are going to LOVE this new software on top of EVO PRO etc 🙂

    Exciting times ahead!!


  12. Heya Willie,

    Good to hear from you mate,

    I’ll see if I can get you in before you leave, if so I’ll hit you up on Facebook mate.


  13. Bring it on Peter. Don’t forget the umbrella drinks to go with it 🙂


  14. Hey Pete,

    The new stuff sounds great. Can’t wait to try it out!

    I had to get out of Evo II a couple of months ago (I temporarily lost my business building budget), but I will be back in no later than March.

    keep smiling,


  15. Ok Pete Looks great cant wait but I have a Question? Remember when evo had video it used to get all my vids top placement is there any chance of bringing the video feature back again?

    by the way thanks for all your hard work and every thing you do I will be a customer for life

    Sterling Myers

  16. Excellent pete.. Thanks to you and everyone whos involved in this… Kudos.
    This is gg to be of great value n help for my seo work for local client…


  17. Thanks for the info, looks great. I m at the elm 12 hrs daily lemme help test her Pete! Let’s se if it can handle the cold and snow at the top NW corner of Minnesota?? Oh wait, barely any snow and gonna be 43 tomorrow? Somebody pinch me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee

  18. Hey Sterling,
    Unfortunately, after Youtube changed their code, it dissallowed the third party site we used to use existing video content, not matter how hard I worked with them to find a work around..

    Though very excited about this new addition to the EVO PRO software I can tell you 🙂

    Thanks mate

  19. Absolutely will be great for local listings 🙂

    thanks Al


  20. LOL @ Don

    I’m guessing it will work well under extreme conditions that our members throw at it 🙂


  21. Hi Pete, and the whole crew.
    That is outstanding.

    Looking forward to the release.


  22. Hi Pete

    As you probably know from my support questions, I did not re-new my subscription November just gone, because my computer went wrong and EVO 2 Pro stopped working.

    Well I just got myself a new comp and wanted to know if there was any way that I could re-join and become a MOD

    My pro hasn’t been working for about 6 months and as you know I took out a 2 year subscription when it was just EVO II :-))))

    Everything was working fine up until the comp starte playing up so please let me know? Thanks for everything you have done and tried for me.

  23. Heya Walt

    Great to see you buddy,

    Thanks for those kind words


  24. Hey Dennis,

    Glad to hear your got your computer situation sorted now mate.

    Its easy to join up again

    Getting a lot of requests to be a mod just now.. bit overwhelmed really, though we are putting all offers to all the mods etc..

    Stage 1 beta is to the mods, then stage to is to members before we go public with it etc.. Feel free to sign up again 🙂


  25. Peter,
    if a position for Mod available I’ll be interested please keep me in mind.


  26. I would like to get in to beta test the software Peter 🙂

    Thank You

  27. Hi Pete

    Looking forward to getting my hands on it.
    Although People like myself that have been with you for quite some time
    Should not only have access to pr 1-3 sites. but the full range of pr sites..
    Including 4-9 .

    What say you?


  28. But will these links:
    1. Get indexed
    2. Stay indexed more than
    30-45 days

  29. Peter: Looking forward to this next revision. As a regular Brute force SEO user, I admire the quality and competence of your work. Cheers!

  30. Hey Peter

    How do we get into the PR4-9 club?

  31. Peter,
    Can’t wait to see what’s next. I love the simplicity of EVO Pro. Keep up the great work!

  32. Looking forward to membership testing.

    Thanks for all the hard work.


  33. How much time will take get it for EVO2 customers?. I want it asap!!

  34. Looks awesome Pete – can’t wait to try it out! ~Smiles~

  35. Hey Dany,

    Beta testins stage 1 is with our forum moderators, then stage two, non public members release, released to people active in the forum, then we go public after this testing phase 🙂

    Trial takers do not get access to testing though members do etc.

    Though if you are not a member you are free to take the trial and see if its for you 🙂
    Cheers Pete

  36. Hey Den,

    Great question 🙂

    I addressed this specifically here in this thread announcement


  37. 1. Absolutely, its harder to hide links from G these days than get them found.
    2. Of course.

  38. HI Gregg

    Great to see you buddy..

    Thank you.


  39. Hi Brian, its all laid out very clearly here

    Cheers Pete

  40. Hey Bernie,

    Thanks buddy 🙂

  41. Hey Jon,
    Me too 🙂


  42. Hey Walter
    After we get stage 1 beta testing out of the way using our mods, then we do a stage 2, non public membership test 🙂 all done via the forum etc

  43. Thanks Derrick!

  44. Hi Pete,
    Just went through the 11 pages on that thread…
    All good stuff… but the question on the HIGHer pr club is asked… on page 10 post 97
    but couldn’t see an answer… (happy to be wrong by the way!! – it has happened before…. once…. a long time ago….but….. I don’t want to talk about it 🙂 )
    Anyways – any update on that qstn would be welcomed.
    Can’t Wait

  45. Hi Pete,
    Just went through the 11 pages on that thread…
    All good stuff… but the question on the HIGHer pr club is asked… on page 10 post 97
    but couldn’t see an answer… (happy to be wrong by the way!! – it has happened before…. once…. a long time ago….but….. I don’t want to talk about it 🙂 )
    Anyways – any update on that qstn would be welcomed.
    Can’t Wait

  46. Hi Piter i would like to be in your list of beta test, if it is possible.
    *** There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.** Napoleon Hill

  47. Hi Peter… Is it possible to run the software on Adobe Air or a Mac?

  48. Are these forum profile like what xrumer creates?
    What I see is Letters V, P, S etc in forum types, which I guess means vbulletin, phpbb, smf etc

    If its so then what advantage it has over xrumer, sick, etc

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