New EVO Pro Software Sneak Peak demo :)

EVO Pro is coming!!

EVO Pro is coming!!

EVO Pro is coming!!

EVO Pro is coming!!

Hey Guys,

I have just made a quick video demo of EVO PRO, over 3 years evolution in this product.

Evo PRO still supplies literally hundreds and hundreds of only high authority, high page rank websites for us to gain massive power in all the search engines.

Our Pro release is even more simple to use than EVO 2 , that even complete newbies can operate it easily as well as the PRO SEO companies out there already enjoying amazing success with EVO.

This is just a teaser video, I cannot release everything just now.

Though we have produced a product thats much more stable, reliable, faster and simpler to use.

Load up tons of projects at one time, EVO Pro will handle them all for you.

If your computer crashes, or you loose connection, EVO PRO will take up where it left off.

Static accounts are managed in the blink of an eye, all right there for you, especially for those who have many SEO clients, this is a feature that you guys requested, its there now.

Proxy Support!! YAY!!

and tons more.


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  1. OMGoodness! This is what I have been waiting for. Please tell me my existong 2 year paod subscription will upgrade to these new faetures for this next year. I cannot wait to start using EVO Pro!

  2. Does EVO Pro support spinning, or allow keywords/articles with spin syntax to be put in?

    And does it do automatic captcha solving or does it require paid captcha solving services?

    Also, any tips on the price?

  3. Yep free upgrade to existing members etc πŸ™‚

  4. The articles you see me use in the video are already spun/unique etc, each article we gather are supplied to us via UAW.

    Comes with captures as part of the membership etc.

  5. Pete,

    SOOOOO awesome. GREAT work!

    What will be the new hardware requirements of EVO Pro? I just want to ensure I build a machine that can complete multiple EVO runs simultaneously without stopping because of lack of resources (RAM, etc…)

    Please advise.


  6. Awesome – looks fantastic. Can’t wait.

  7. Peter,
    I was wondering if you have now integrated video distribution as the Hayspread solution no longer works in your current version? Also, are you adding press release sites to the Pro version? How about a scheduler.? Running concurrent projects is great and I was wondering if the links can be added over time? Lastly, will the capcha solving work faster instead of tying up the processing? How about the muti threading? Currently the success rate is low when running the four allowed.

    Looking forward to seeing the new features. EVO 2 works and what you’ve sneek peaked looks terrific!


  8. Looks like a really good upgrade. Is there an ability to watch the process as it’s doing the work, or is it all now behind the scenes? Aaron

  9. Peter that looks awesome, need to make sure I use it to the fullest.


  10. I love evo2 but it keeps hanging not all the times but on occassion does this upgrade lower these errors

  11. Hi Jerry,

    No special computers needed, we have it running on old XP , though important, all Microsoft updates need to be updated, that’s all πŸ™‚


  12. Hey Michael,

    Still working with heyspread. re pre release sites, we don’t see much value in those available PR sites that suit automation, compared to the high page rank high authority sites we add monthly etc. Re adding links over time, that is already handled in the linking strategy we use, e.g some links get found sooner and others much later, giving us links found over time which works brilliant already, maybe you missed in the video where I showed threads etc.

  13. Hi Aaron, yes you will be able to view the preview window.


  14. Sure does πŸ™‚

  15. Awesome upgrade. Good work Peter.

  16. This looks very good, I can hardly wait to use it. Thanks, Peter!

  17. Can you bring back the character of the Evo robot working?.
    My daughters like it.
    They think that I’m not doing anything if they don’t see the robot working.
    Ok Ok I like it too, Can you please bring it back.

    The other thing is. I wouldn’t mind paying a lifetime membership instead of the monthly membership. Would that be something that you would consider.

    Thanks Peter
    Ps: I think the auto article writing feature is a blast… I absolutely love that.

  18. Hi Peter
    Looks really good, glad about the proxies! Couple of questions:

    1) It looks on the video like you have to enter proxies one by one. Is there a way of importing a text file with lots of proxies and be able to randomly pick one13?

    2) Will you be able to supply proxies, or do we need to find our own?

  19. Hi Peter

    I can’t wait like all the above. I love using evo2 and now want the upgrade :-))

    Can you give us an idea how long before we get it?


  20. Hi Peter,

    Its really awesome and can’t wait to work on this….u always find all the best stuff…HOW?? lols…good for us…


  21. Will the file extension be the same? And when is this thing coming out? Thanks!

  22. YES! Proxy support and scheduled runs! I just have three words for Peter Drew and the entire team… I love you. =]

  23. Hey Denes, I’ll see what I can do πŸ™‚

  24. Yes will be able to use more than 1 proxy at a time.

    We’ll point everyone in the right direction where to get quality proxies from etc..

  25. Hi Seth, not sure what you mean mate?


  26. We love you guys too!!



  27. Thank you Peter I appreciate that.

  28. I used your linking loop hole, does evo pro include this or they are separate apps?

  29. Hey Albert

    yes, LL is inside EVO 2 and EVO PRO



  30. Does it mean I can stop your LL and join Evo 2 and I will get automatically updated to Evo Pro?

  31. Hi Albert, yes, if you join EVO now, you’ll get upgraded for free when we release EVO Pro shortly.

    make sure you cancel your LL first, then go to and join there. if any issues with your forum access go to
    1. create account.
    2. submit ticket, my guys there will get you sorted asap πŸ™‚


  32. Looking good Pete. Chomping at the bit. You’ve been hard at work on this. And it looks so simple, yippeee.

  33. I’m not sure how proxies work but I love all the new features you’ve added. Especially the part where we can add jobs to the queue.

  34. Thanks Lisa, yes, its coming along Awesome~!

  35. Thanks Shelly πŸ™‚ the proxies can help, there’ll be tutorials to make it easy if you need to use them,

    Yep the que’ing is great, and also , you can stop it and start it off exactly where it was previously stopped.



  36. Hi Pete,

    Nice work there. I fear however we are quite slow to keep up with new changes and learn how to use all the new advancements. So my question is will the normal Evo 2 be still available to use even after Evo Pro is released?

  37. Hi Ortalo,

    The beauty of EVO PRO is, that it is just so much simpler to use, you will not need EVO 2 at all, and Faster!, the learning curve from EVO 2 to EVO PRO is about 2 mins.

    You will have no issues whatsoever πŸ™‚



  38. Hey Peter

    Looks great and proxies can contribute to a little more privacy. I was just wondering about licensing options to allow personnel from other parts of the world to do the job. My time is a bit limited and EVO is starting to gather dust. Any suggestions or ideas?

  39. Hi Hans,

    Right now with EVO 2, your license enables you to use the software on one computer at a time. Meaning if you have VA’s they can use it, but not while you are etc. otherwise you may trip the security filters etc..

    So feel free to use your VA’s to drive it for you, send them the video tut’s from the forum etc. Or like many people you can order additional licenses.

    EVO Pro licenses will be slightly different, which we’ll address upon release etc.

  40. Hi Drew,

    When is this going to be released? Is it going to be the same price as EVO 2?

  41. Hi Peter, Do you have any discounts for early bird customers or any kind of discount offer on the product? please let me know.

    Lloyd A. D’souza

  42. Hi peter, I was a user of evo II. unsubscribed for my own reasons. interested in returning.

    Has the success rate improved? I noticed in the demo video 172 HP sites. With my last experience with evo II my success rate was never (ever) greater than 20%.

    For the cost the speed and success rate needs to be better the Evo II

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