EVO II update and some Nice News :)

Tomorrow we are releasing a significant
EVO II Update Part 1.

Next week we are releasing EVO II update
Part 2.

Tomorrow, everyone will be reviewing EVO II
Update Part I. Which consists of.

(a) Yahoo Mail changed yesterday. We have updated
EVO II to suit.

(b) Now we have a total of 11 blogs to post
our content to. each of these blogs linking
to each other providing a sweet linking network
between them providing us with even more 2 and
3 and 4 way links to our sites

(c) Sites that have changed registration code
have been updated.

(d) other small issues resolved.

Next week we will be releasing

EVO II Update Part II.

This is Massive news, Peter Drew, and
Noel Swanson, the owner of Unique Article
Wizard, the leader in the Article Spinning
Industry, have teamed up together in a true
Win Win situation, where all their members

We are releasing the New Article Module.

In this new Article Module, each and every
time you download articles via EVO II.

You will receive Fresh Unique Articles!

That’s right, every time you download articles
based on your keywords/keyword phrase, you
will be presented with Unique Articles.

Even if you use the same keywords on the
next project, you will receive fresh articles

Noel and I have been working on this for a while
now and very happy to release it to the world.

Our members get unique content on each run of
EVO II, enabling better rankings for their
Web 2 sites and Noels members get the benefits
of our massive linking capabilities.

Truly a Win Win for everyone involved.

In Addition.

We have listened.

We are now giving members the opportunity
to purchase their own captures, simply put
members can order their own captures, then
add their unique identifier code and use captures
from a third party.

You do NOT Need to use these, you will always
have our captures used at our expense for the
duration of your membership. Though some members
wanted this flexibility, so we have provided

Onwards and Upwards


Peter Drew


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