Are you Kidding me?

LOL even after typing below, I still find it
hard to belive this is real πŸ™‚

Hi, I am just about to create a new Video Tutorial for EVO II Software.

I always create a text file about what I am going to talk about first up.

I thought you’d like to read first up how to create a MASS of Web 2 properties in an Instant, fully registered and confirmed and ready to go with just

1 Minutes Input from You.


before we start, I’ll tell you, just a little
about what brute force seo EVO II software does for you.

Simply its an automated website creator and content distributer, while at the same time providing your money site a TON of relevant and powerful backlinks.

It creates and promotes blogs, using content the software provides you in the form of articles, based on the keyword, or keyword phrase that you would like your money site to rank for.

It then promotes these new blogs along with the URL of your money site to a Mass of web 2 properties around the internet and does some very high tech mashing and blending of these web 2 properties to provide the new blogs created and your money site valuable One Way 2, 3 and 4 way links. Again, Totally automated.

So, to enable the software to do this, you need a mass of Web 2 social accounts to post all this great content to.

Welcome to the EVO II Static Account Creator.
Enter Only your main account name. The software auto generates first name last name, unique default account name, password.

Thats pretty much it, use the software to automatically create a free web based email address based on this info, to register these websites with.

Then the software goes out and creates this mass of web 2 Accounts, on RSS Aggregator, Article Directory, Social Bookmarking, Video directory websites instantly. The software then Solves all the human verification Capture entries along the way.

Then the software automatically confirms all the confirmation links provided by these web directories.

Amazing huh? It still amazes me, how, from just entering a Main Account name, the software completely automates the rest of this process.

Once you start the software, you can leave it, shrink it down to perform these 100’s and 100’s of task on auto pilot.

Once its complete, you are all setup to use the Main EVO II application, to start promoting your money site and start getting some breath taking Rankings in the search engines, specifically Google! πŸ™‚

I’ll send the Video based on this text tommorrow so you can see this in action right on your screen!


P.S. If by some chance you haven’t seen EVO II yet?
You will love him as we all Do! Check him out

PPS. He can Rock your SEO world, like no other software application on the planet.

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