60 Second Adsense Site Make Over

The 60 Second  MFA Make Over

Do you have an old Adsense website that’s not doing much and has slowed down in performance over time?


Imagine spending 60 seconds to re vitalise this website and get it working
in the search engines again.


Wouldn’t it be great to have those Adsense websites that used to make you a nice income brought back to life for very little time.


How do we do this?

Really its simple, add one blog, that:

  1. Posts fresh unique content relative to your site daily
  2. Also has your Adsense code in the customised for Adsense templates
  3. Posts links to 18 Social bookmarking Sites automatically daily.
  4. Gets the Search engine spiders activity happening once again.
  5. Helps gain valuable PR in Google.
  6. Brings additional traffic from the Social Bookmarking websites.


Surely to do all this would take longer than 60 seconds I hear you say.


I will show you how we give our old websites a 60 second make over

Second by Second.

Start the Vi3.exe application from
  enter password Time: 3 seconds

Enter the main keyword you are focusing on for this domain Time: 3

Enter your sites ftp information Time: 10 seconds

Click on one button to install the Vi3 Content Posting Solution Software to
your domain. Time: 10 seconds

Click on Start Creating Button and create the Vi3 blog on your domain
10 seconds

Go to the Vi3Poster software installed on your domain and create the initial
Post Time: 10 seconds

Submit this site to our Web 2 Digg Social Bookmarking Network (


Time: 14 seconds

That’s exactly 60 seconds to give your old Adsense site the Make Over
that’s required to give it a New Lease of Life once again.


For the next 3 days only, you can bring your old Adsense
sites back to life for only $7

That’s right only $7.00, but this offer closes in
exactly 3 days time. Then
will revert

back to its very reasonable usual monthly
membership price.

Pete πŸ™‚


VI Ultimate Web 2 Backlink Network Coming Soon


We are just about to release our ultimate linking system in www.viralinstigator.com

This is how it works

In our VI application

After you enter your ftp information

you can click on a button like this one see image

Install MyDigg as root page.

This will install Our Web 2 Digg Script exactly like this one, http://www.kilgore2005.com/  (note: public cannot post to this script) on the domain

This Web 2 script will have the members Pub ID on it and place to put their astracker or similar code and or channel.

When these scripts are installed on our members domains, these records are stored in our databases.

With over 500 members, There will be a lot of these scripts installed all over the web, so this will be a massive Web 2 network.

Each of these Web 2 scripts will have a link on it pointing to the previous one generated in our network. so it will be like a big one way circle linking strategy between these domains.

E.g if members only installed 2 each, this is over 1000 domains.

Personally I’ll be putting this in root of every domain of mine. and I guess a lot of other people will as well.

so we could get up to 5000 domains with this script on it.

So that’s the network. πŸ™‚

About the Web 2 script itself..

These index well.. see the site above was created only 2 weeks ago.

The content posted to these Digg sites is from VI users only of course. Using Adsense keyword laden links and descriptions from the Vi blogs
that have unique content provided to them. That means that the Unique content posted to the VI blogs also helps provide great content for these Web 2 sites.

So these Web 2 Digg sites can potentially be nice Adsense earners in their own right.

The content posted to these Digg sites can only come from the Viralinstigator application. VI members can use this to post their
own websites across this network, though we have put filters in place, to make sure that any content posted across this network
is Adsense TOS compliant.

This Digg script comes with 44 categories to choose from when posting your links. These categories are the same across every site on the network. So this

creates relevant backlinks to your VI blogs.

How it works

Members enter the URL to promote
Member presses the Crawl button to crawl the URL to get their links.
Member selects which category best suits their site.
Member selects how often to post to the network
then Press Save.

Then the Viralinstigator application takes care of the rest.

We are so excited about this network, each step in the creation of it, just gets us more excited and cant wait to get it released.

When you have such a powerful linking strategy in place for your websites, this means you need to rely less on, Onpage SEO factors, which

then gives your VI sites even more longevity in the Search engines.


This concept grew largely from a similar concept we created to give our members a Free Backlink tool, as a way to "say thanks", which has grown in to this Massive

Web 2 Linking strategy, its amazing to see what this has turned into. Man I’m going to have to think of tons of other freebies to give out now πŸ™‚

Pete πŸ™‚


PPS. www.viralinstigator.com is still only $7 but any day now we will be putting it back to the normal price, if this hasn’t inspired you to join VI and make

great Adsense websites, we’ll m guessing nothing will πŸ™‚



Petes Incredible DEAL for ViralInstigator 3


Hi Everyone,

After the overwhelming support we have received from the Internet Marketing Community in response to our request for beta testers, we have decided to show our support back,

By Releasing VI 3 for

Only $7, Yep only 7 bucks, allowing you to make amazing Adsense websites like this one


Click on Image to Enlarge

In 1 min flat. Click on the Image to see the full size image.

Imagine being able to create 100’s of these each and every day, limited to 1000 VI blogs per day.

Finally one software application that does pretty much all required to get your Adsense income going

through the roof. and for only 7 bucks! πŸ™‚

Quick feature list VI 3 provides you.

  • Provides Adsense keywords/niches
  • Templates
  • Articles which are unique.
  • RSS and SE unique feeds.
  • Niche related Images
  • Niche related Video content
  • Great Internal linking
  • External backlinks via Auto Social Bookmarking Submission.
  • Very fast indexing
  • Longevity in Google
  • All with a few clicks πŸ™‚

Read up on all the NEW features we’ve added to VI 3 to make it the simplest and fastest way to make

money with Adsense available right now on the internet.


We cannot leave it at this crazy price forever. so be one of the lucky ones to get it for $7.

Go to www.viralinstigator.com and download VI 3 Right now, you’ll be blown away at all the features

And check in at the forum to get tips and tricks and any help if needed. http://www.theadsensebuzz.com/forum

Remember the only silly question is that one not asked, There are over 2000 members in this forum some who

may even learn just by seeing your questions.

Strike While the Iron is Hot. Let your friends know about all the VI 3 features via your Affiliate link.

Create one now at VI 3 Affiliate Page So they can get the benefits as well for only $7. while it lasts.


I’m so happy to be able to send you this email, its taken us 3 months to get VI 3 to where it is. now everyone can

get the benefits of VI 3 , and share in our success.


Best Regards


Peter Drew


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