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Lots of people new to Internet Marketing and Learning about Search Engine Optimisation for their own websites and their SEO clients websites want to know about Link Building and How to get Links.

There are 2 Choices Available.

1. Using Automated SEO Software solutions, that have been developed over many years who’s sole purpose is to create very powerful backlinks on Authority websites to give your websites very high search engine rankings. In an easy to use interface and completely Automated.


2. Learn how search engines work, how they grant authority to websites, learn how to find these websites that offer the ability to give you the correct type of links pointing to your website. Learn the linking strategies required to leverage these backlinks. You then need to find literally 100’s and 100’s of these websites to gain one way backlinks to your website.

Once you have done the required learning and investigating, you then need to sit down at your computer and perform all these tasks manually from your computer. Typically this will take a minimum of a month of your time working full time, or most likely a lot longer.

This is often laborious and there’s no proof that your efforts will return the results that you require.

This is why I have spent Years developing our easy to use and totally Automated Software Solution.
You can test our fully Automated Backlink Building software right now for only $1. for 5 full days.  You will be amazed at how simple it is to use and the amazing amount of powerful backlinks supplied by high authority websites in just hours. Your time required is under 10 minutes. goes out and does all the hard work for you, placing keyword relevant one way backlinks pointing to your website. In only a week or 2, (possibly longer, depending on the competitiveness of the term you are trying to rank for), you get that big grin on your face of satisfaction and often non belief, that you actually made it happen. Seeing your site listed on the front page of Google! This smile is only suppassed by that of your SEO clients when they see their websites ranking and bringing in tons of extra sales.

These are the sort of smiles our existing members enjoy all the time. We would like to share these smiles with you.

Take the trial now for just $1 and you too can soon be grinning ear from ear!

The Words Premier Automated SEO Software Solution.


Peter Drew

No2 out of over 3 Billion in Google = SEO


Thought I’d share this little SEO success story with you.

Very little time, (30 mins setup)

A little patience (6 weeks)

And you too can get results like this

Click on image to see full sized image.

Yes, that’s over 3 Billion competing pages 🙂 and a ton

of monthly searches to boot!

Yes, its really that easy using

Test it now for $1 buck only!


Trust SEO – Part 7 Seo Bank Automation

Trust SEO – Part 7 Seo Bank Automation

The Power Of Automation: BruteForceSEO: EVOII

What does the EVOII Software do? It simply does exactly what you would do if you followed the steps I’ve laid out in the previous chapters by hand, though in an automated fashion so you do not even need to be at the computer- and it does it much faster, obviously.

Typically, once you are used to using the software (as with anything there is a small learning curve- this ain’t a toy or crapware, mate), it takes about 4 minutes to put in your site data, use the software to retrieve unique articles related to your niche (btw we have an unlimited supply of articles on any niche you can think of) and click the start button.

Then you leave the software to do its work, checking back once in a while to be sure it’s not hung on an issue caused by one of the external sites it uses. This is what the software does:

First time you use the software, you need to create your accounts across all the web 2 directories (the software does this for you). These are your base accounts (we call them “static” accounts).

There are a lot of them to create, and typically we get an 85% to 95% success rate when creating these accounts. The accounts not created, you can use the softare to attempt again to create these for you, or finish off those ones by hand, whichever you prefer.

Once you have your Static Web 2 Accounts created, you are all ready to do your first promotion. You supply the software the Main URL you are promoting, The main URL’s RSS feed if it has one, if not leave blank, The main keyword phrase you are wanting to rank for, The related keyword phrases, and click on buttons to choose an account name for your new main yahoo email address, click on button to automatically create this for you.

You do this each time you do a promotion- we use this email address as the email address to create all your other new site accounts during your promotion (these are separate and different from your “static” accounts), the software uses this email address to click on the verification links supplied to it as part of the account creation process, all automatically without any input from you, its a magic thing to observe.

You then enter your keyword phrase to collect unique articles, and You then enter related phrases, so EVO can place links on these sites pointing to your main site with related phrases to help your site gain authority not just for one term, but related terms within your niche.

Click on the Select all button, to promote your site across all the web 2 directories and 135 high page rank sites, or just check the sites you want to promote to, and thats it…

Click on start and your completely finished, the software then goes out and creates accounts on all the web 2 sites… creates accounts on all the high page rank sites, automatically solving the captures presented along the way… confirms all the emails sent to your new yahoo email address, then goes back to all these sites to post your article content, including your links obviously, then places your links X 4 to all the 135 High Page Rank websites.

Once this is completed, the software then makes new RSS feeds from your high page rank account URL’s, then mashes the new rss feeds created from the web 2 account URL’s created in to new feeds, then submits all the new feeds created to the RSS Aggregators.

The software then submits links to your website to the Social Bookmarking sites- typically the first couple of times the software is doing this people watch it in amazement, and that’s no bullsh*t. Though obviously we create software like this to save us valuable time, so I don’t recommend you sit around gaping in awe at EVO- just let him do it FOR you 😉

So once the software is started, we move on to our other business and let the software do its thing. Generally this will take 8 hours to complete- sometimes less, sometimes a little more, depending on connection speeds, site speeds and other varying factors. (noting, to get the perfect run out of EVO 2, takes some time, getting your computer used to working with 100’s of sites in your browser, EVO 2, uses the IE modules that are on your computer, if your IE browser works with everyone of the 100’s of sites, then EVO 2 will also, sometimes you need to add or update flash or similar, and clean cookies regularly to get a perfect run, but you’ll get it soon enough as we do now, just a little persistence is needed in the first couple of runs getting your equipment fine-tuned to optimization).

I hope you can tell from my writing that I just LOVE SEO, the amount of power you have as an individual being able to rank for, or manipulate search engine rankings is just unbelievable. I’m starting to get a better understanding of this now, when discussing it with my non Internet Marketing friends, over the years I’ve become complacent about it, because I suppose because I’m just so used to it, but when I talk to my other friends about it, and what I can do in there, the look of astonishment on their faces reaffirms to me the Power We have online.

As the web ever more encroaches on our lives across the planet, the more powerful we become in the world and not just for generating an income. I’ve been working online now for over 15 years, and its my belief we are still at the very beginning of how the web is going to affect all of our lives.

Remember the web is under 5000 days old… Can you imagine where it will be when its 20,000 days old? I know I’ll be there are the forefront of it, I hope you guys will join me in the ride, its going to be a fun one, that IS for sure!

You to can enjoy the SEO success and power I have at hand, Take the 7 Day Free trial here with a little persistence to get over the

brief learning curve, you to can get the Search Engine Rankings we are all Enjoying now!

Though here’s the rub, typically after the release of this series of articles about SEO, one of my main JV guys has just returned from holidays and needs to pay for it LOL, so

he will be doing a major promotion to his community. I do not publicly state what our membership cap is, though we do have one to keep the integrity of the sites we promote

on etc and our membership is stable because our software does exactly what it says it does, so take this opportunity right now while the information from the previous

articles is still fresh in your mind!

To your Online Success!!


Peter Drew

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