Over 50% of first page listings on Google have this, you can too

That’s right its been proven over at moz.com that over
50% of first page listings have HTTPS

Further proof as to why our new Google Site Generator
sites rank so well right ouf of the box.

So what that means is webmasters are very slow on the uptake
of HTTPS why? its not so easy and expensive, especially compared
to the price of a domain. I know long term very successful
online marketers who don’t even know how to get HTTPS
setup on their own domains,

So how could local business owners stand a chance?
They wouldn’t even know what HTTPS is etc.

This is WHY the Google sites generated by my NEW
Google Site Generator works so well right out
of the box, sites.google.com is obviously HTTPS

We’ve just released my new Google Site Generator
Software in Beta. You can create an unlimited
about of laser targeted Google sites, especially
great for local SEO

You can dominate entire regions easily using our

Our next update coming shortly enables you to
edit the default template used to be able
to impliment any design you like.

We use the “Classic” Sites when creating sites
which enables you to even use Iframes 🙂

YOu can put tracking on these templates
so you can see which of your sites is gaining
the most traffic at a glance.

You can beta test this software here


notice that link is HTTPS of course.

Google loves HTTPS so it can provide its audience
with safer sites and less malware and virus’s etc.
its a great move on their behalf.

By the time Local business’s catch onto the need to
impliment HTTPS your Google sites will have aged
nicely. And they’ll retain their current rankings.

This is the biggest response I’ve had to a Beta Release.

It’s great to see people getting back into SEO.

Though this means I can’t keep the doors open forever.

We don’t want to flood Google with too many sites
to fast, they’ll start putting restrictions on them
which is obviously what we don’t want.

So jump in now while the doors are still open.


SEO and IFTTT just got a whole Lot Bigger | Easier!

IFTTT V2Hey Everyone,

Automation and scaling.
Hopefully you have heard these words before.

Everyone knows how much I love IFTTT, as you know we built AiProfiles around this system.

Bradley Benner has really out done himself with his second round of this brilliant SEO Course, of course involving IFTTT, this course fits in perfectly with my Hangout Millionaire and AI Profiles, which is why I support it so much. These guys take it to the next level.

Read on.

If not, what are you planning to do with your business?

How are you going to grow and increase your revenue to the level you deserve?

Are you going to be able to have a nice home? Will you have time to enjoy a vacation?

Using automation in your business is HUGELY important.

IFTTT allows for just that, and Semantic Mastery has cracked the code when it comes to using IFTTT for SEO and content syndication.

Authority backlinks? Check
Video embeds? Check
Set up once and let it run for you? Check
Ability to scale? Check
Can be sold to clients as a one-off OR ongoing service? Check

You owe it to yourself to check out this fantastic course and community:
Get started Here Now!!

Long term results and real world SEO.

 That’s what Semantic Mastery is all about and their IFTTT course was a home run last year. They are kicking it up a few notches this year with IFTTT 2.0!

Not only do you get immediate access to their exclusive training series, but just as importantly, you become a part of the IFTTT SEO community.

This means you get updates to the training, a close knit (and private) group of fellow IFTTT users sharing tips, trick, and helpful uses, along with powerful advanced modules to help you kick it into high gear.

Get started Here Now!!

See you on the inside,



P.S. The guys told me that the price will be going up shortly – if you’re on the fence, now is the time to jump in and get started as the launch pricing is short term only.

PPS This program works so well with Hangout Millionaire, which of course is why I back it 100%
If you jump in now and reply to this email with your transaction ID, I’ll send you a link to my Bonus 50% off Hangout Millionaire deal!

Hollies BadAss Indexer. Black Friday Special Inside :)



Hey everyone,
Happy Thanksgiving if your in USA.


One of my best mates online Holly,
(We get on so well, because we just think the same way when it comes to SEO)

Anyways she hit me up tonight and showed me something spectacular.

She recently released an Indexer that blows every single one out of the water.

This beauty actually indexes on demand. Which means, you put it in the software, run it,
check your links and within 2 minutes, the backlink is indexed.
It’s like nothing I have ever seen before. [Check the video on the link below]

Black Friday Only Special Offer

She decided, in the spirit of the holidays and black friday, she would open up a
Nnever before coupon.

For the next 24 hours Only, you can get this great indexer at
75.00 off regular price.

Not even her beta testers were able to get this that cheap!

Not to mention, its going to work in Perfectly with my
New Artificial Intelligence Profiles product I’m releasing soon.
(Once we’ve completed Beta Testing etc)

Here’s your $75 off Coupon Code

Here’s the link again to check it out, but please watch the
entire video.

Black Friday Only Special Offer