Your Complete SEO How to, step by step inside

Following up from my post yesterday,

here I’ll show you the complete

getting started strategy.

In this email I will cover

1. Niche Research.
2. Find a Product.
3. Create a site.
4. Use
to promote your site and give
it the Link Love it requires
to get found in the search Engines

(easier to print this one out now
and read with a coffee)

Immediately upon taking the $1
7 day trial. Your PayPal email address
will be emailed a confirmation email from
aweber. As soon as you confirm this email
you will then be emailed your

Gold Digger Niche Research Script Access
Your SEO Fight Club Forum username
and password

The Brute Force SEO PDF Report
The Link to download your
Brute Force SEO Software.

This will be a basic guide to
get anyone up and running in just

1. Niche Research
for this short tutorial, we’ll find
and affiliate product to promote.

First off, go to

enter some keywords to see what kind of products
are listed in this market place.

Click on the Category pull down, to see what
categories are listed.

Do this for just 10 mins to get a feel of the
products listed in this site.

Now go to
You will be asked for a user/pass
which is supplied in your PDF document
supplied after you take the $1 trial.

The beauty of this niche research tool is

It reveals the search volume and the competition
in Google in the same location, which makes it
easy for the brilliant niches to be revealed
very fast.

Now we are looking for a niche related to the
products for sale in Clickbank, from your previous
searching of ClickBank, note down some of the search
queries you entered. and enter them in the Gold Digger

A great niche requires
(a) is an action oriented term. e.g. buy xyz or
order xyz as compared to free xyz

(b) it requires that there are people
actually searching for this term in the
search engines.

For this example, look for a niche that
is getting at least 2000 searches per month.

(c) A great niche has little competition in
Google. The Gold Digger niche research
tool, provides 2 columns of data from Google.
1. the Normal search count results.
2. The Search results with Quotes around the
keyword phrase. This helps to determine how
many sites are actually targeting this phrase
specifically. This is the number we work with

In this example we are looking for a niche
that has under 40,000 results IN quotes
“my great niche”
(one you log into the gold digger niche
research tool, this will make perfect sense)

For some Excellent Video Tutorials on Niche
Research Using the Gold Digger Tool
go to

Im also supplying more detail in this
Killer Niche research PDF.

So with these video tutorials
the PDF report and my excellent Niche
Research Tool.

You should now have a bunch of excellent
Niches to choose from.

Keep in mind you are searching for
niches related to products hosted
on ClickBank.

2. Find a Product
Once you have selected your best niches
go to
and find products related to these niches

Go to the sales pages of the products
you are choosing between, and choose
the product that has what you believe
is the the best sales page.

On the ClickBank page you need to register
to enable you to get your own affiliate
ID so you can promote any of the products
listed on Clickbank.

3. Create a Site.
For the purpose of this exercise, we’ll
use a Blogger blog. Why?
Anyone can get one instantly, and they
rank very well plus have an RSS feed.

When you create your blogger blog, you
are asked for the Blog Title, use the niche
you are focusing on , you are also
asked for the Blog URL use your niche
as the sub domain name. e.g.

If it is already taken, add a word
at the front of end to make it unique.

When you create your blogger
blog, you have the ability to choose
a template, choose one that is most
closely related to the website
you are promoting.

e.g. if the main theme of the
website you are promoting is green,
use a green template.

Now, after reading the product
site, you need to create a
250 word review of this product
based on the sales copy.

This 250 word document will be crafted
so that the consumer will be ready
to order via your affiliate link
placed at the bottom of this review.

Throughout this 250 minimum word count
review, make sure you use terms related
to your main niche throughout this review
this helps get your blog listed higher
in Google.

Make sure your main niche is the title
of this new blog you are creating.
This is especially important SEO wise
and RSS wise, more about that later.

4. Use Brute Force SEO to promote your

By now, you will have taken the trial

If not, go there now and get it for just
$1 so you can continue to promote the
above and see the results, LIVE for your

This here is an excellent short video
on how to get started with the software

As you see in the above video.
You first create the fr33 accounts
on the authority sites.

Just follow the quick step buttons
on the software.

Click on the RSS settings window,
go to each of these URL’s presented
in the window and create accounts there.
Enter your user/pass for each account
in the fields provided. This is very
important, these sites provide your
new blog instant backlinks.

Once you have created the fr33 site

Click on the “Get Articles Button”
enter a keyword related to the niche
you have chosen, follow the steps
in the video above.

You are now ready to create a LOT of
Authority sites, with related content.
All linking to YOUR new blog and linking
to each other, creating 2 and 3 way
links plus, providing you a Niche
Themed Network of sites that you Own

These sites along with providing
you excellent backlinks, in and of
themselves rank well in the search
engines and provide you traffic
to your main M0oney site.

Described above is the absolute
Bare basic strategy of

As a full member you get access
to the much more advanced strategies
to get Real Listings in Google
for the more competitive terms.

Though the above strategies used
correctly is more than enough
to generate a full time income, all
it takes is your determination to
succeed, I supply the methods
and tools.

If you get stuck with any
of the above, as a trial taker
you get access to the forum
where you can ask as many
questions as you like.

Or use our excellent Support Desk

Our software uses the Internet
Explorer Modules to connect
with the sites we promote to

So make sure you have the latest
Version of Internet Explorer installed.
(do not need to use it, just have it

You have the complete recipe
above to make it online!

Yes, really its as simple as

Look forward to seeing you in my


Peter Drew


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