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After 3 months development time, we are proud to release another module
in Brute Force SEO. Drum Roll Please!! The

Brute Force Linking Loophole Module

The absolute easiest way
to get over 40 links from PR 6 to PR 9 Websites!!
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I'm now owning these niches in Google , used for testing this
twitter marketing software = NO1 , 43 million competitors
twitter software = 5 out of 212 Million Competitors
paypal affiliate = 2 out of 14 Million competitors
seo software = between 5 and 12 currently in a very tough market of 28 Million.
power twitter = front page of 222 Million competitors after only 1 week

See the video

Only available now in the membership.

In fact, you can download the 22 Page SEO report that comes
with this module now

To see exactly how I got those and many more rankings in very
tough markets. I've laid out case studies so you can duplicate
my success.

The Twitter Module that is Part of our Brute Force SEO membership
is doing extremely well. Only requiring one update in the last 3 months
This is exactly how I've gained over

80,000 Followers on Twitter. see my accounts peterdrew and peteinoz

btw, who are getting tweets about this
offer now, so do not know how long I can keep the doors open this

So far that's only two modules, with one run of BF your content
is posted to these web2 properties, of course with links
back to the sites you are promoting.


Then the feeds of these new sites, plus your own RSS feeds
is promoted via the RSS module to the top 20 RSS Aggregators
on the web.

Your articles If you added them are then posted to the
top Article Directories including EzineArticles supplying
your sites even more authority linking.

Your site is then submitted via the Social Bookmarking
Module to the top 20 Social Bookmarking sites

Your chosen video is then distributed to the top 20 Video
Directories with your sites URL in the top line of the
description, creating additional links and Social traffic.

Haven't got any articles Yet? No worries. BF will
go out and find related content for you.

Like to use your valuable articles over and over?
Sure, Use my D.A.R.E feature, to transform these
articles so they look the same to the naked eye
but DIFFERENT in the eyes of Google πŸ™‚ How Sweet
is that? πŸ™‚

The software is intelligent, so you do not have to be.
The software links all these above web 2 properties
together, promotes them providing you very powerful
2 and 3 way backlinks to Your Web site.

To do all this by hand would take over 1 week.
And with BF takes just over 1 hour. Go take that
break you deserve.

Enter any niche in my Gold Digger Niche research assistant
it reveals instantly
the search volume per month, supplied by Google.
The competition in Google broad and in quotes.

So the easy to target niches stand right out.

We now have an Underground Coder Tommy working
on this product full time, taking ideas from
BF customers and implementing them so together
we can create the best Niche Research Tool on
the planet.
He's just implemented his LABS section that
our existing BF members are loving.

You don't believe all the above is true
and available right now? Well that is
exactly why I offer a $1 7 day fully
featured functioning trial

You can start promoting your site and expect
to get the same results I'm achieving above 

Plus you get access to my SEO Fight Club
Forum. where you can ask any or as many
questions as you like.

See you in there!!


Peter Drew

P.S Only open for a very short time this

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