New Brute Force SEO VII Software Revealed

Massive Brute Force SEO News.


Brand Spanking New Software nearly completed. This is not an update, but a
complete Re Write.

Written on Vista 64 and compatible with all PC operation systems.

Major Changes

1. Brute Force SEO now Supplies Content. The like you have never seen before.
Imagine this you enter any niche, download related articles. save them locally
to your hard drive and have the ability to use these to promote them to all the free sites
listed in BF.

It gets better!!!

Now load these articles again from your hard drive, click on the
Secret Hidden Button, which is blurred out on the image below. These Articles are changed
(cannot say too much now), 
though Only in the Eyes of Google. They will look the same to you, but trust me on this,
as far as Google is concerned, totally different, you can use these
articles over and over and


Got your own Original Articles. ? Use them on your money site, then load them
again click on the secret button, and change them in the eyes of Googlebot and use
them to promote to the Free sites to provide you excellent quality Backlinks!!

Again and
Again and Again.


Got some PLR Junk, using our new Secret Button. you can turn these into
Related Niche Gold Content. Load them up in the software, click on the secret button and you
guessed it. In the eyes of Google they will be different at the click on just one Button.!!


Maybe you can tell by my writing how excited I am about this πŸ™‚ , this has
taken us a long time to develop this Not seen before methods to make your articles live 1000


Why is it secret? Well we are first to market, using this new technology and
want to keep it as long as possible, we did the hard yards developing it and like to keep it
for a while anyways.

No need for junk spun rubbish, that our competitors insist on using LOL that
is painful to the eyes, our new technology leaves the grammar, wording, everything
perfectly in tact, so
your articles read exactly how they created to be read by the original authors.


2. This new software is much faster than the previous.

3. This new version has a Skip Button. If one of the sites in your project is
down, e.g Yahoo 360 blogs is down or slow, you can simply click on the Skip button to proceed to
the next module.

4. Save articles Locally. You now have the option to save articles to the
online database or locally to your hard drive.

5. Vista 64 bit compatible, considering this new software was written on
Vista 64. and works seamlessly.

6. 95% completed the Brute Force SEO Social Bookmarking Submission Tool.

See it in action here


7. Continuing development of our Gold Digger Niche Research Tool

On top of providing instant search volume with the competition in Google
listed directly beside the results with and without quotes to reveal your Gold Niches easily, We’ve
already added  the Ebay module, displaying related Ebay product results
and products, PLUS,
We found the back door to Ebays Top 1000 Searches for Each Day! This is incredibly
valuable information Showing you what’s hot straight away, live from Ebay, with the ability to
digg down in each niche revealed to find those great Long Tailed Keyword Phrases, related to what
products are HOT Right Now.

Coming Any day now, I’m just about to approve the release to my Brute force
SEO members the NEW Gold Digger Tool = Goggles Top 1000 Shopping Keywords. Displayed

Does it Get any better than this? We are providing our members the "Shopping"
or "Buying" Keywords
These are the keywords people use to BUY STUFF. Do I need to explain how
valuable This data is? Keywords supplied by Shoppers in Real Time! These are MONEY
Keywords Action oriented Keywords
, These are the niches that make us Money online.
Nothing clearer than this. Of course we provide the ability to drill down on these Buying
Keywords Provided To help you find the untapped niches in just seconds.


Below are images of the Brand New Software.

So now Brute Force members have everything they need to be successful online.

From the ability to source live HOT keyword Buying phrases. Ability to source

based on these new niches found in just seconds. Massive SEO abilities using
the Brute

Force SEO Software with ease.


If you are not an affiliate of this monster program the time is now.. Next

is the 11th December 2008 see


If you have not joined yet? get on the waiting list here

Dropped out previously or your one of the 15% of people who’s subscriptions

were cancelled by PayPal., get on the list above.






click on image to see full size image.


Note the blurred out section? this is my top secret option.


Account settings window.



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