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Hey again

The Basic run down on how SEO works with Search
Engines, specifically Google.

They rank sites in their Index, according
to its Popularity within in their index.

Google is like a school class.
Here in Australia the class captain is chosen
by some specific criteria only the teachers
know, combined with a popularity Vote by
the other students.

Similarly, Google ranks your website relative
to its OnPage score ranked against its rules
Plus it uses a popularity vote. If there
are other sites in the Google Index "linking"
to your site, this is like in the school room
where the students vote for a particular kid,
this tells the teacher that this kid is worthy
of the rank of Captain.

Below is how I get my sites to be a Captain
In Google πŸ™‚ and how you can as well.

Its not about finding other sites to

"Vote" for you. its about Creating

These sites to "Vote" for you, on existing

Popular or Authority Platforms.

Additionally, its not just volume of sites
linking to each other, it is the Quality
of these sites giving the popular vote
that is Important.

So to get your M0ney sites cooking
in the search engines and listed Highly
you need a good volume of links
and links from other sites that are know
to be quality sites in the Google Index.

Sounds like a big Job huh,
I remember thinking this myself years
ago, when linking strategies
became more and more important.

I designed some nice linking strategies
and was up and running nicely in the
search engines as per usual..

Then Web 2 comes along, or more specifically
came into the light more, its been around for
ages. and Web2 complimented my existing
linking strategies BIG Time..

The strategy! Its simple when you see
it laid out like this.

With a new site, obviously you need
a great Niche to promote, the better selection
of Niche, the easier it will be obviously.

Create the M0ney Site, hosted by
myself on my own domain or use a free site
like blogger or tripod or similar.

Ok, that’s easy, now onto how to get the
volume of links this site requires to be

Plus links from existing popular
sites or Authority Sites, to give my
new site the Quality links it requires.

How about this..

We go to, and create accounts, plus
sites on these N0 C0st Authority Sites
such as

Yahoo 360
Live Spaces MSN

Create sites on each of the above
with content related to my M0ney site

Then link these sites together, which
provides a very powerful little network
based on my theme.

Then each of these sites link back to
my original M0ney Site.

Use my article content and post to
the top 20 article directories, promoting
and linking to my M0eny site in the
Resource Boxes provided.

I’ve found a very easy way to utilise
the incredibly power, in terms of
traffic and linking power from the
top 20 video directories. So obviously
I use this.

Generally speaking my M0ney Sites will
have an RSS Feed. So will 1/2 of the
sites listed above. plus most of my
accounts on the article directories
and the video directories.

So by simply going through the process
above, I have
1. Created a Powerful themed related Network,
that I can come back to and drop links
at any time I like.

2. Provided Many links to my site
from Many Authority Sites over 50

3. Using RSS tied these individual sites
together, each promoting each other
via linking strategies , providing
me 2 and 3 way themed links.

4. Provide the links over time, not all
at once which provides longevity to your
You can use the above strategies Right
Now and improve your listings.

Make Sense?

The only problem with this above strategy
Is the TIME Involved to do it..


Obviously I’m not going to sit there
all day doing the above when my excellent
team of Software developers sitting beside
me is here huh? πŸ™‚

You can test the Solution for just $1

For 7 Full Days.

You can see why its called Brute Force
Huh, achieving all the above
in between 30 and 50 mins ONLY
not a week by hand..

An experienced user could create

22 very powerful SEO themed networks
in the trial period supplied. These
are networks that you Own forever.

These just get more powerful over time

Grab this trial offer now,

get the software installed, read the
supplied PDF.

Tomorrow I will email you my simple
though very effective strategy to get
your started instantly..

With your New site or Existing

Niche Research Included of course
With your $1 trial you get access
to my Niche research tools as well.


Peter Drew

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