Customer Complaint with a twist

When people change their credit cards, in Paypal

Often the case is, they loose any memberships they have subscribed to via paypal.

I’m currently helping one customer who this happened to.

He then accidently paid by echeque and is waiting for it to clear

so he gets his access back to  membership

this is why he’s complaining.


Copied from his email


Just wanted to tell you that I can’t wait to get my BFS back!  It has saved my house…really. 
I have a client that lives nearby so I worked out a per sale deal with him.  I’ve generated anywhere from 20-40 leads per day for him the last couple weeks using organic traffic- all from BFS.  He called me today and said his whole office is going nuts.  People were about to quit, none of his other lead sources worked…until now!  Now they are all excited to go to work again.
He has 20 deals now and more in the pipeline every day.  I get $200 a deal. Thanks Pete!!!!!!!


Nice problem to have huh? πŸ™‚ membership is currently full, though go there and add

your name and email address to the waiting list, and you’ll be the first notified once

some spots become available.



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