Brand NEW Brute Force SEO like nothing before

In this age of ACRONYMS I Announce to the BF community

DARE !!!

DNA Article Ripper Elite!!

IMPORTANT: This is a very powerful feature, read every word here. So you do not mess it up

What do we have here?

We now have the ability to change your Articles in the Eyes of Google.
Simple as that. Just click one button. Your articles are changed in the eyes of google so you can use them over and over. Every time you click this button, you have a different version of your Article/s in the eyes of google.

This means you can load up your JUNK PLR articles and turn these into GOLD in the eyes of Google! Honestly.. does it get any better than this?

After clicking on the button. The articles ARE changed in the Eyes of Google but will still be perfectly formatted and perfectly readable just like the original.

Find or buy some PLR artilces related to your Niche. Load them in BF.
Click on the DARE Button.. your good to go.. run your project..
Once project is completed.. Guess what? click on the DARE button again.
And you can use the same accounts and run again with different articles. Just change the Title of your articles for best results with your next best Long tailed keyword phrases in the title.

As many times as you like.

Works Perfectly with your new Original Articles aswell. Use them as you usually would in BF, though now you can use them over and over again by clicking on the DARE!! button.

Want More?

Say you do not have PLR or any articles.

Now you can Click on the

Get Articles


The software will request your Keyword.

The software then goes to an article directory and sources Articles Based on your Keyword. up to 8 per run.

These articles are then listed in your software in the Article Section
The credits to the authors are listed in the authors bio plus a link back to the article directory. Your links from your Settings window are added aswell automatically. You can add more keyword rich anchor text links below these entries. in each of the 3 Authors Bios Text Boxes.

I’ll Answer this right now.. Yes we are using articles written by other people submitted to an Article Directory.. These authors will be very happy we are using their content as we have left their credit links in tact! So they’ll get more links to their sites.

You can then click on the DARE Button to make these articles Unique in the Eyes of Google. Still perfectly formatted to the Human Eye.

You can use these over and Over again and again..

You now have the perfect content solutions in your Brute Force SEO software.

After your niche research, now in only 1 min. you have Unique Related Content to use to promote your site with!!!

This DARE content can be used on All Free sites EXCEPT WordPress.. WordPress script does not like this format of articles. but the other free sites love it

In this new Version of BF that the DARE is added to you can use the
Yahoo 360, MSN and Blogger Modules over and over again with the SAME account info..

Using the same account,
with Blogger, a new blog is created on each run using just one google account.
with MSN, a new blog post is created on the blog each time you run a different project. using the one account name.
with Yahoo 360. the same as MSN.

So you can use these over and over with the DARE! content without needing to create new accounts each time. Run ALL modules.. then select only these 3 modules, click on the DARE button to change your articles, update the titles of these articles with your next best long tailed keyword phrase in the titles , maybe put different links in the authors bio links.. (e.g. this time linking to your money sites internal pages)

Run the software again.. its just TOO easy and very fast way to gain more links.. Use the RSS module to get the new blogger blogs FEED URL’s submitted.

You can save the articles collected locally to your Hard Drive.
click on

Save Local


in the Settings window, click on

Save Settings


In the Accounts Window click on

Save Accounts.


Doing this above, will associate all your information under one saved file..

e.g if you saved all of the above with the same file name. all will be saved in one file.

e.g all settings, accounts, articles will be loaded from this one save file.

so save these project entries under the same file and your all good to do..

next time you start the software you can load this file from accounts/ settings/ articles and all your info will be listed in these the sections..

The only thing with the DARE articles is you cannot post these to article directories. The abiltiy to do this has been disabled in the software. .e.g. if You DARE any article you will not be able to use the aritcle module.


Hope you guys are as amazed as I am about this massively important new feature..

If your not a member get on the list here so you do not
miss out when it sells out again next month, especially after this Major

1 article to all free site modules…. only 12 mins.. content included πŸ™‚



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