New Product Launch,

Hi everyone,

Im very happy to announce the release of our new product.

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Amazingly EASY Keyword Domain Brainstorming Tool
Will Instantly Uncover and Register the Hottest,
Most Profitable & Up-To-The-Minute Keyword Laden Domains With the ability to add them instantly to your WHM.


Produce Long Tail Domains with or without Hypens

kyrocket Your Google Adsense or Adwords Profits Using the First Ever
Intelligent Cyber ‘Brain’ Keyword Research Tool That Does All the Thinking For You!


See the Demonstration Video here

long tail domain name, domain registration softwareView the full size Brainstorm Domain Generator here




Huge Time Saver!

Huge Time Saver, imagine being able to start your application, 1 second, enter the main niche you’d like to target. 3 seconds,
click start, wait a couple of minutes while the software processes your information, go get a cup of coffee, on return you are presented with a list of Available Domain Names, including, .info , .com , .net and .biz

You then check the box beside the domain of your choice, then click just ONE button to completely register this domain
and add it to your web host. 1 more min. Then go and stick this new domain you’ve just purchased in your browser and BANG !!!

Its instantly there, ready for you to upload your site to, how cool is that? πŸ™‚

Brainstorm Domain Generator can do that for you plus, You can choose Hyphenated domains to expand your search for long tail domains even further…..

Brainstorm Domain Generator can do that for you plus, save your results to a text file to your computer, so you can save these valuable domains for later marketing efforts, or sell them to other marketers.


Long Tail Domain Names are Perfect for …

Anyone using the Bum Marketing Method.

Niche Marketing on Crack

Article Marketing

Affiliate Marketing.





Keyword laden domains rank higher in the serps than domains with keywords in directories.

Keyword laden domains get a higher CTR in search engines than domains with keywords in directories, e.g they stand out more in the search engine listings.






ee this example, took 25 seconds to produce

We entered

article submission

results = without hyphen

results = with hyphen


Notice there are more results when using hyphens, if you need to expand your search on your favoured niche.


This software is fully supported by your Adsense Internet Marketing forum with over 4000 members 




Brainstorm Domain Generator™



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Im sure you’ll enjoy this software as much as we do, it finds brilliant domains for you, not to mention registering and adding them to your host automatically.



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