Haha – Google is Pathetic

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Ah well, I’m overstating, I respect Google a lot for how well they’ve built their business, but the work I’ve done and the results I’m seeing are nothing short of hilarious to me…

I’ve been doing SEO professionally for companies for about 8 years. I’ve managed teams of link builders for large companies, have doubled the traffic for some major businesses using "white hat" only business SEO strategies and never even touched RSS Feeds back then.

Well, I was laid off by my previous employer after doubling their Google traffic over the course of a year (I guess they got what they wanted and recycled me like a plastic jug) and since I was laid off, I took my masters in business SEO and Web development and have been getting my bachelors in link building through RSS Feeds, Social networks, etc… through BruteForce.

Anyway, I’ve already started a massive campaign for a friend of mine (I’m talking 20 highly targetted blogs) and focusing on keywords that I thought would take months to obtain. My strategy uses BF to automate and supplement some processes (I do spend time to develop my sites with sexy, unique content that sells) but all I’ve done so far is RSS Feeds on WordPress blogs with "Hello World!" as the only indexed post and they’re ranking in the first page for phrases with close to 500,000 competitors.

I laughed myself to sleep the other night when Google ranked one of them within 3 hours of using BF to submit the feeds to my accounts! It’s really stupid how much Google plays up the power of their algorithm when it’s this easy to convince it to rank your Websites. This is an unbelievable opportunity if you really want to pull some traffic…

Anyway, this stuff works, here are a few tips mentined here but I think are important for the newbies asking questions:

ALWAYS PURCHASE THE DOMAIN NAME YOU ARE CREATING A SITE FOR. .COM and .NET will work, personally I would skip anything else although a .biz can work as well but most people will click a .com or .net. It’s worth the 10 bucks or so and trust me if you’re using WordPress you will be indexed almost immediately. Google eats this platform up for breakfast and asks for more, so take the time to learn it….

Take the time to learn some Web development skills, practice rewriting content quickly so its unique. Once you get this down you can rewrite any article within minutes. For many niche phrases a blog with 6 articles will rank for that phrase and provide link value to any Website that you link to in the blogroll over time. I’ve done this over and over using WordPress and it works like clockwork.

STAY ORGANIZED – this is how I earned a track record of blowing almost every other Website out of the water. Here is one of my favorite quotes:

"Management of many is the same as management of a few. It is simply a matter of organization." – Sun Tzu



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