Adsense Reborn!! VI 3 Beta Testers Needed.

Adsense Reborn!! VI 3 Beta Testers Needed.


Adsense Reborn? Why do I state this? Well remember back to 2005, you could throw up any old Adsense website and pretty much be guaranteed a GREAT Adsense income? Well now with Vi 3, we are getting close to those good ol Adsense days πŸ™‚ not quite but close. In the past you only needed to find a site generator add a bunch of any old keywords, get the site indexed and you were making money. The search engines have grown and changed a lot, to get the same results these days is possible though much more difficult, in terms of time needed to create sites that perform the same, what used to take 15 mins including registration of domain and creating a site that makes money can now take weeks of time to get content for this site and to get site promoted correctly. Vi 3 automates so much of the process needed for sites to rank well, we have reduced the time dramatically, from weeks to mins, to produce great Adsense Income Producing websites.

We are just about to release Viralinstigator 3.

Originally VI was a hugely successful web based mass Adsense blogging platform, which required Rsstoblog to post to the 1000’s of blogs created.

We then updated VI to VI 2, a desktop Adsense mass blogging application, with many additional features such as our own unique blogging platform which mimics blogger blogs in looks and performance in the search engines.

Utilizing our (free to our members) Vi Posting software and niche specific images to enhance the blog templates.

Additionally we released for free the Brainstormgenerator Module, which sources, selected from the filters you set to find low competition high search Adsense Keywords/Niches and stores them in the members own database for retrieval at any time.

VI2 is hugely successful, to date we are creating between 50 to 100k blogs per day between all our members.

But this was not good enough, we wanted total automation.

So after months of development time we will soon be releasing VI 3.

And need your help to make it as perfect as we can get it.

The VI 3 update makes the VI 2 update look tiny in comparison.

VI 3 will now

(a) Supply members great Adsense keywords

(b) Niche related images.

(c) Niche related Unique Articles, that use our unique spinner, to produce great spun articles for each and every of your blogs that pass copyscape each and every time.

(d) Auto submission to the top 18 Social Bookmarking websites. which means your backlinks to your blogs grow over time, totally automated. This image shows the backlinks across the different C Classes for a website created by VI 3 only 2 weeks ago

(Click on image to see Larger image)

 Which will show you links from 12 Unique C Classes. Which provide backlinks from strong PR sites.

(e) Niche related Videos, VI 3 sources video content for your blog, which appears immediately upon creation of blog.

(f) The Totally re written and designed VI Poster, to post your content to your blogs. (Which is now absolutely bullet proof)

(g) Custom Template which is now producing up to 30% CTR. ( you can create you own templates)

(h) ping your blogs across the major ping servers on the internet.

(i) Give you the ability to outsource your website generation. You have the choice to pay your staff yourself.. or offer them rotation of their Pub-Id in the sites they create for you, you can choose the % of Adsense Rotation for any staff. Your staff will be supplied with their own software, which does not relate back to VI in any way, so they dont leave you and start working for themselves. (LOL you can give this to your Mum or anyone so they can create tons of sites for you, you can email this software to your list, so they can make money from Adsense. This software requires non to little computer experience to operate.) ((This is very powerful, all you do is manage your domains and keywords and your staff do the rest, you could have 100’s of people working for you at no cost to you. ))

(j) Support Forum.

So VI 3 supplies just about everything needed to become a successful Adsense marketer. (Tons of our existing members have thanked me for being able to leave their day jobs, because of VI and VI 2.)

Beta testers get access to the software for Free, for a period yet to be determined. Then after this period is ended, you will get access to this product for 50% of the end price.


So what is required on your part to test VI 3 for free as a beta tester?

1. New domains, we cannot get great data , by mass creating blogs on domains with any previous history. (or new expired domains, with or without PR, but still have a couple of pages listed in, these perform Very well)

2. Your host must have PHP 5 and Curl installed. (This is pretty standard across most reseller accounts, in not sure, pop an email over to your support and ask them.)

Honestly that’s about it. VI 3 supplies everything else, Keywords/Niches, killer templates, niche related spun articles, images, related video content AND creates your backlinks for you, of course you can use your own favourite niches to compare the sites created with VI 3 against your existing websites and strategies.

Here is an image capture of an individual blog produced by VI 3 in 1 min.

click on image to see full size image

This is not the final template, this will be determined after beta testing and feedback from beta testers.


If you would like to help beta test VI 3 click here

Looking forward to working with you.


Peter Drew

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