Your Missing the Big fish and U don’t know it.

Your Missing the Big fish and U don't know it.

Your Missing the Big fish and U don’t know it.

Hey Guys,

I’ve got a couple of questions for you..

What’s easier?

(a) 1 client at $10K?

or 100 clients at 100 each?

(b) What’s easier to manage?

One 10K client or one hundred X $100 clients?

Not so long ago, I immediately put my hand up

for 100 X 100, why? because I’ve got a list right?

But that part 2 of that question grabbed me by

the shoulders big time..

Here’s the thing,

A lot of people are using the 100X100 method

and doing ok. but what they DON’T know is

that they are missing out on ALL of the

10k clients “hidden” in amongst those

100 X sales.

We haven’t been conversing enough with

our clients throughout the sales process.

If you want to convert Much Higher, you

need to “Converse” more with your prospectives.

So how do you do that? I hear you ask.

Well, that’s what

helps you do very easily.

You take your prospectives by the hand

and ask them the questions relative

to your product and about THEM!

During this process supplied by

Prospectives all enter the same funnel,

but now you can sort these prospectives

by any criteria. All relative to your

product or offer of course.

These High End customers already exist

in your membership, but you don’t know.

Why? because you never took the time to

find out.

What if you knew that say 10% of your

existing membership base was ready

willing and able to purchase an extremly

high ticket item from you and in fact

they NEED to.

This lack of communication doesn’t help

anyone. Any relationship is only as good

as the communication between all parties,

whether in business or family/social life.


Solves this problem for you.

Imagine having a list of ONLY


“Already Qualified”

For your HIghest paying offer?

If you don’t have a great high ticket

item offer, guess what? You most likely

didn’t know you had the prospectives in

your list needing this service you can

provide. Now you know they are there waiting

for you, Its time to create one.

These qualified people already exist in your

list, but up till now, you didn’t know which

of them they were. Its a big problem.

Moving forward

Solves this problem for you.

They supply the training to help you realise

this potential. I hope you take up their

training offer.

If I have enough people hit me up about this

I’ll be happy to offer training via webinar.

(ping me on FB) Why? because I love this stuff.

Real People are paying $25k for this above information

and not even getting any tools or scripts how to enable

it to happen on a website.

Not only offers this amazing tool to help realise

this, but also training.

Its a no brainer.. Even if you don’t have a product

right now. Get this, do the training, and this will

help guide you into the right direction for which

type of offer or service you can provide while

maximising the results to the enth degree and

squeezing as much potential out of your prospectives

as possible!

Btw. this is all real, every word I’m saying above

is real, I know this, I’m doing it myself.
To your Online Success.



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How to convert from $100 into $1000 per month

page funnels


Hey Guys,

I just got back from a 4 day intensive last week.

I was given a personal invite to attend the Street Smart
Marketing by my friend Ian Marsh. I know now why I got
it on the house 😉 its that badass, he knew I’d tell
people about it.

The main thing I learned during that intensive was
how to take a 100 per month product and turn it
into a 1000 per month product.

Its all about Qualifying your leads first.

How do you do that? Well one of the main factors
is having a conversation and learning about
your prospectives…..

How do you do that? well with great questionaires
that’s how!

You ask the right questions and you have them
qualified throughout the questionnaire process.

So by the time they come to you, you know if
they are the perfect client for you or not,
before you actually talk to them..

So I came back from that week all excited, had
a meeting with my team, laying out the plan
to build out this new amazing converting

So we had to build out this questionnaire script
ourselves, to make it do exactly what I require
it to do. Bit of effort for sure, but more than
worth it, even after just one sale.

Then, right out of the blue, my buddy Craig
Crawford pings me on skype and says this!






So I click on this link and low and behold, it’s an
incredible funnel maker with the most sophisticated
questionnaire facility I’ve ever seen.. Doh!
Thanks Craig!!

Saved us a bucket load of time and we’ll get more
features than the one we planned ourselves. That’s
the difference between them spending 12 months
developing it and our short meeting yesterday.

So I’m over the moon about this product.. I’m
installing it today on a brand new website.

The beauty of using this system, we send traffic
to the site, people who use my tools have no
issues generating traffic, the new site
qualfies these leads for me and puts them
into groups for me, one group I know will
be more than happy to pay the 1k per month
before I even contact them, how cool is that?
the others will be provided more appropriate
solutions suiting their needs.

Everyones happy, there’s no friction whatsoever,
makes for a very happy working life I can tell
you, not to mention the dramatically increased
revenue I’ll be achieving using this method.

Honestly guys go to this link.

Not sure if the video demo is on there, but
that’s what really got me excited, it might
be there now, or tomorrow, but check out
the features compared to the other funnel
products on the market, which you’ll
see in action on the video demo.

Ok, one more thing LOL, using this method
you don’t even require as many leads as before?
Why? because you get a TON more Value out
of each lead, serving them and yourself better
throughout the process.

Meaning you can direct your prospectives
to what they want faster, meaning your
conversions have to be better amirite?

Best news is, I got a Coupon Code from
Craig for all my people too :)
Enter it here
(only available next 24 hours)
Trust me on this, at this price its really
I no brainer, there’s a funnen of course
and grab all of it as I have.
(Full disclosure) it was given to me for
free but I was going to get the entire
kit, why because its next to nothing
compared to the value it offers and a LOT
LOT LOT cheaper than building something
inferior myself for my site. I didn’t
ask for it, it was sent to me over skype
which I happily accepted, because I could
install it faster than waiting for it to
go live.



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Using RSS to Promote Websites – Videos – Podcasts for Incredible Rankings

rss-buttonsPete again,

Pure content below, that will get your websites, videos,
audio, whatever content you have ranking incredibly well, with
massive scale advantages, you can scale up to an
unlimited scale. (If your into podcasting, replace Video
with Audio below for exact same incredible results)

This is a post for every online marketer to read, irrespective of
your experience online.

I’ve had a love affair with RSS for many years, and been
teaching people about it via different mediums.
I’ve sold 1000’s Info packages about RSS, created two
different websites distributing RSS content, Created
software specifically for distributing RSS content.

7 years ago I held a seminar here at my place, had
a bunch of speakers here, who have all moved on
to become extremely successful online. What did I
speak about? RSS :)

So gives you an idea about my history with RSS, which btw stands for
Really Simple Syndication.

I’ll explain what it is brielfy, then go into how to
massively leverage it to rank your websites,videos and
audio content through the roof completely automatically.

An Rss feed, is just a simple file on your website,
that stores data from posts you make to your site
in a very simple straight forward fashion so any
reader can read it simply. Its kinda like storing
the meta data only and not all the messy html
code that needs to be viewed correctly by browsers.

It stores:
*Post Title
*Description is the first X characters of your post.
*Image, it can store the first image in your post
*Video Thumbnail if one is there.
*Audio link, if one is there.
*Plus a link back to this post.

(All of these are options in the settings of your site, you can choose
all of them or only some of them. Don’t worry all sites default settings
use the required data.)

Your Rss feed is typically presented like one of the examples below.
site .com/feed/
site .com/rss/
site .com/rss.php
This sites feed is

Web2 properties, YouTube accounts, Twitter, facebook pages,
nearly everything has an RSS Feed. (If it hasn’t google that sites
name and RSS feed location to find it:)

Rss feeds work like this, you have a site or blog, when you
update new content to that site, the meta data of that content
is updated in your RSS feed right away. e.g it grows with more

Services like Syndwire Check for new updates
to that RSS feed regularly, if there’s
new content in that RSS feed?  Guess what? Syndwire knows
there’s new content to be re distributed to the 32 networks setup in
their system automatically, so your post automatically
appears on 32 networks.
Which of course is awesome.

But it gets better.

After all the Animal updates in Google over the recent couple
of years, linking directly to your site is not enough to get
you to the top of Page 1. You need lots of related links
pointing to the links that point to your website. This is called
tiered linking.

So lets say you post a video to YouTube or a LOT of them using completely automatically and in the
first line of your description you place a link to the website you are promoting.

Firstly, your website link will appear in your YouTubes RSS Feed.
Obviously you’d have this setup in your Syndwire account.
So the content of that RSS feed is distributed to 32 networks
and you get 32 sites linking back to this video Post, giving
that link pointing to your site tons of related links right?
Meaning you’ve got a very solid link originally pointing
to your website and that is then supported by 32 or powerful
websites acknowledging that this is good content by linking
to it aswell. That’s extremely cool but it gets so much better than this.

If your using, your Video content is automatically
posted to your associated Tumblr account, which of course has its
own RSS feed. e.g.

So now you have posted a video to YouTube including a link to your
website, which has automatically been posted to your Tumblr Account.
So You get an awesome link back to your site from YouTube then
supported by a link to that post from Tumblr. Now you post your Tumblr
Rss feed via Syndwire to the 32 networks which all link back to your
Tumblr Site, So now your Telling Google that these links pointed
to the tumblr site which links to your YouTube video is pretty awesome
content, and in the kindness of their hearts, rank it accordingly.
That is rank your video and the link in the description of the Video.

Starting to get the idea? How powerful this is, and this is all done
Completely Automatically once its all setup. Setting up is simple.
You just need to setup these 32 accounts, add their details in

Or if your lazy like me, you get my team to set alll this up for you
for a very small fee. We provide these services for you of course.

So that was just ONE example of extreme teired linking, using Tumblr
Exact same can be done, completely automated using

Google Plus RSS
Twitter RSS
Facebook page RSS
(Plus so many more)

If you have a blog that you setup to have your YouTube Content
Posted to automatically, obviously you can use that Blogs RSS
Feed and set that up in Syndwire to do exactly the same thing
And get awesome links back to that blog, which in and of itself
will rank through the roof while providing very powerful links
to the website you are promoting.

Did I say 1 blog? This is the internet, of course you can setup
as many of these blogs as you like using SyndWire
Creating your very own, controlled Blog Network.

This strategy is pretty unlimited in terms of scale.
Your YouTube account has an RSS feed correct? Well that
content can be auto posted to pretty much anywhere, that
also has an RSS feed. So you get the story, go wide with
your content distribution to other web properties that
have RSS feeds (most do) and redistribute that content
via SyndWire creating a massive platform

I know this works, I’ve been doing it for as long as RSS has been around.

In a recent case study site, to find out the actual distribution
using this method. Before I started the test I entered this in google. This returned 359 returns.
Today, doing the same test I get exactly
About 2,450,000 results (0.32 seconds)
see these results here

If you wanted to go all badass on this, the majority of those 32 networks
have their own RSS feeds, so you could post content from each of
those 32 site to another group of 32 networks LOL. Not saying you have
to do that, but you CAN if you wanted. That’s why I love the Internet
and why I love RSS, there’s absolutely no limits.

So when I say, “I emplore you” to get this
You know I mean it 100%

Links to setup and find all these RSS links from different
Web2 sites are in our Hangout Millionaire Members group.

Now, that whole blurb above, was about the benefits
of just One feature of SyndWire
Just one LOL

Do not delay.


Peter Drew

Love to hear your comments below.

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