These conversion stats blew my mind.



Hey again,

Ok, so here’s why I’ve got so excited

about this entire Funnel/process.

I’m only going to use rough examples below

but they are conservative.

Now this is using a segmentation method

not quite as good as what

provides, but very close.

Before I tell you this case study, I wan’t

to say, that I, and I guess a LOT of people

in IM have been caught up in the least amount

of spend on FB ads for the maximum amount

of leads right?

We’ve all see those screen caps of little spend

on massive leads generated. All caught up

in the lure of tons of leads and mimimum pr0fit

per lead, but still a pr0fit etc.

I’m not knocking this method at all, just

admitting that its limited my thinking

in terms of FB advertising etc.

Now onto the case study, which is pretty

much as opposite as it gets to what I just

described above.

I sat down with a buddy of mine on the balcony

here, who btw is not an FB advertising pro at


He advertised on FB for 5 days. Generating

only 11 leads.

From those 11 leads, 5 converted to sales.

These sales totalled over $200K

Let that sink in for a bit, as it did for

me. I sat there looking at him, then asked

how much did you spend?

$150 per day was the answer. Btw that 200k

that’s recurring income!

The secret to his success? Conversing with

his prospects before he even talks to them

Via specifically laid out questionaire/funnel

on his website.

As I noted, the one he uses is not even

as good as what Alex created here

The beauty is, he doesn’t have to do any

HARD selling at all. He has already

“Qualfied” his prospects, he knows they

are waiting for what he has to deliver.

See how simple that process is? No stress

He’s excited to talk to these qualified people.

Why? because he already knows their situation

and is dying to help them realise their goals.

So now you can see why I’m so excited

to share this product with you guys.

this is the direction I’m moving and I

want you all to be a part of it and

enjoy the ride.

Best thing is this is a self hosted Solution.

Not relying on any third parties, there’s

even a reseller option, so you too can

help other people realise their dreams

using this method. LOL imagine going to

a clients site and seeing how much money

they are wasting by not qualifying their

leads? And offering this as a service

to them? How much will they love you by

simply implimenting what I’ve noted above

on their site, potentially increasing their

Rev dramatically.

Me, If I saw this situation, I’d be seeing

the massive opportuntity and doing some

partnership deal with them, but that’s me πŸ™‚

Jump on this, do the training, and let it

settle in and you’ll be looking at new

sites or opportunities through these eyes

and you may well realise a ton more income

for very little work.. Just changing strategies

delivered by this very exciting tool.

To your online Success.

Peter Drew.

P.S. If I get enough pings on FB about this

I’ll be happy to do a brainstorming webinar

with everyone, but they must of done the

training supplied first up.



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