Goolge Knols Your Unfair Advantage

Google Has Entered the
Aritcle Directory Biz.
Your Ground Floor
Opportunity and
Your Unfair Advantage Is Here!!





Just 6 days ago.
Google has gone Article Directory,
going up against the big boys in
the market Ezine etc

The Difference being Google Owns the Net will be PR 8 to 10
in 3 to 6 months time.

Imagine Being a top Author on this site?

You already know the benefits that top
Authors of Enjoy
how much
Traffic they receive,
how much
Money they make from this traffic.

It has taken these Authors YEARS and YEARS to build
this credibility in

Now The Mother off all Article Directories
has been created.
Only 1000 pages
in Google at the time of writing this.
Yesterday there were 750 pages.

Can you imagine how many pages are going
to be on this site in 3 6 or 12 months?

Are your articles going to be listed
on there or not?

Google will be giving preference to
its Top Authors, in terms of placement
and Rankings of the top ranking authors

One of the Big determining factors to
becoming a Top Author is amount of
Articles or Content submitted!!

Can you include Links in your
articles? YES

As I said.
will be a PR 8 9 or 10 site in the
near future.

If your articles
have done well on other article
directories in the past.. They are
going to ROCK on this new Massive
Article Directory


This is a Ground Floor Opportunity
Not SEEN very often on the Internet



Their TOS states, that you need to
own or have rights to the content
published.. nothing about it
being Unique!!!!!

Just let that sink in.

How much content that suits this
criteria do you have on your hard
drive right now?

Could you use this content to become
a TOP Submitted Author?

I know I do πŸ™‚ I’m sure you have also!!

Heres the Great part, instead of sitting
there for days and weeks using the
terrible Google UI. submitting this content.

I’ve created and am providing my

Badass Knol Dominator Software,

which allows you to

Load up as many Articles

as you like, including your links to your
and submit them

See the Unfair Advantage?

Guess how many authors are out there right
now, fighting to get to be a top author?


Using my software you have a
Huge Unfair Advantage over the
other authors out there!

I put to you, the majority of the top Authors
in the next 6 months will be
Us Warriors who use this software!

How cool is that?

A Google Directory OWNED By Warriors!!!

This is my Gift to the WF πŸ™‚

As you most likely know. WF has been great to me.

This is my return gift!

Helping Warriors to have the opportunity to
be a TOP author on the
Monster of all Article Directories
on the Planet.

How much is it worth? to be a Top Author
on the Biggest Article Directory on the
planet? I don’t know. But I’m guessing
these top Authors will be doing much
better than their equivalents at

Heres your chance.

to be one of the Lucky 500 to order the
Badass Knol Dominator Software

Test it for 2 days for just $1

Then pay just $9.99 per month!

I could easily charge $47 per month
and generate all the sales I need
because of the huge benefits this
software is providing in this ground
floor opportunity.

I’ve really kept the price down.
No affiliate program that requires a higher price
I suggest you get this out to your article marketing
friends, who can benefit from it. As the
500 limited memberships will NOT last long.

If you have mates out there who can benefit
from it, Send them the link to this Thread right now!

The 500 spots will go very fast.. you know
how well my WSO’s go, and how fast they
grow. I help you guys by keeping the price
down, at this price it will sell out very

Plus you get my Badass Knol Dominator PDF

And updates via email, as we learn more.
We cannot know everything about this
new site considering its under a week old
Though via email all users will be
kept up to date with all the tips and
tricks we learn via users.

Will this software be a part of the
Badass Brute Force SEO software?
Of course πŸ˜‰

When I become a member of the
Big software, can I cancel this membership?
Yes of course.

Members of any of my other products
can cancel their memberships once
they become a Member of the Big Software
since it has everything in it.


This Product Makes You Money.

Did you know Knol.Google Allows you to Run Your Adsense?  

"At the discretion of the author, a knol may include ads
from our AdSense program. If an author chooses to
include adsense, Google will provide the author with a
revenue share from the proceeds of those ad placements








Peter Drew







  1. You are right brother…knol has PR 7 right now…and its increasing…..

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