Petes New Adsense CPA product beta test Application


I need help with our new Adsense CPA product. read below to find out.

I've been working on the web very successfully for 11 years now,

Prior to Adsense coming along, we had a very nice little system that converted between 10 and 20 percent of visitors
to our sites. This totalled more than 4.5 million conversions (conversions is all I can say for now, till release of our product)

When Adsense came around I wanted to use these same strategies with my Adsense sites, but for the life of me, I couldn't
figure it out.

And THEN "Adsense CPA" is started its roll out,


My account was one of the first to get it. and BANG,

ALL the bangs and whistles went off in my brain and I saw the light, Now its entirely possible to get these same conversions
I was getting prior to Adsense.

I have now created the system to make Adsense sites, That just keep giving and giving and giving on absolute autopilot.
(btw.. giving = profits)

This system increases your income opportunities by up to 300%, that's 3 times the opportunity to make money from each and everyone of your sites
visitors, and KEEP them

My team and I have been working flat out to get this system in place, its been a combined effort of 10 people working flat out
the last 4 weeks to get this happening, merging 3 backend systems into one simple to use online interface.

Our goal is to make our products as easy to use as possible, thus we need to beta test these products with fresh minds, not
like ours that are too deep in them to see simple ways to make the user experience faster and easier. And to get the first asked questions
laid out in the FAQ etc.

Heres the deal, you get to beta test my program for Free. (though you need to pay 1 dollar, we need this payment system tested as well, I'll send it back if you like). If you choose to continue to use it, you can for 50% of the final price TBA. (which I'm sure you will have made in profits already)

This is a ground floor opportunity to get access to this amazing product, that I can assure you, is absolutely unique, relating to Adsense
marketing (thus I cannot go into details now to avoid unwanted competitors taking my IP). The successful applicants will be in a great position to draft reviews and get them out to the market first ready for release. (noting all members are automatically affiliates) You'll be in the same position as my JV partners.

People with little Adsense marketing experience to Very Successful Adsense marketers are required to test this product. Newbies to test ease of use of the system. Experienced Adsense Marketers required to gain/prove increased income results from existing sites.

Successful applicants will be required to complete an online NDA form.

Please reply to this thread to let me know you have applied to be a beta tester

Peter Drew.


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